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I am on the promotions team for Petite Stitchery, and I chose the Rosemary Cowl Crop top to sew and share! I loooove a good slouchy top. It’s my favorite thing to wear, and so I love putting my kids in comfy clothes, because I know how good it feels πŸ™‚ But the key to it looking put together, and not sloppy comes in making sure it fits well! The Rosemary is designed to have a relaxed fit, and soΒ it works well for this comfy look! The shoulders fit well, and are not drooping, and as always, when sewing, it’s easy to customize the length to fit whomever you are sewing for. Those small details are what gives an outfit the magic that you sometimes can’t put your finger on.

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I did make a few modifications. I can’t leave a pattern alone. Since so much of what I sew is for pattern tests, and I can’t modify a pattern during testing, I always break out of the box when I’m sewing for anything other than a test πŸ™‚ I liked the high-low hem on the cropped version, but I wanted her to be able to wear it alone, without having to layer, since we are heading towards summer here. So I used the front hem line of the non-cropped version, and measured how much difference there was in the length between the front and back hem on the high-low version, and added that much length to the back.

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I also made it just one layer. This was an easy modification. I just attached the cowl to the neckline of the shirt, and measured to add a cuff to the sleeves, and to the hem of the shirt. This was a decently heavy french terry, and I knew it would be too bulky with 2 layers, too.

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The options included in this pattern are cropped, or full length. 3/4 or long sleeves, and three cowl options. Since it is lined, it can be reversible too, which I love! I think it’s a perfect top to wear all alone, but it also works great as a layering piece.

The fabric is from LDG Textiles, one of my favorite places to shop for french terry. They have a wide selection of it, and I’ve found good heavy weight french terry there, which I’ve had struggles finding other places.

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Petite Stitchery releases their patterns in collections, and this was a part of their Fall ’16 collection, so it coordinates with those patterns well! You can check out the rest of the patterns in that collection, and from the other collections they’ve released on their website.

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Rosemary Cowl Crop

Petite Stitchery & Co.


There’s a new company on the block, and I was excited to test some of their first designs!! Petite Stitchery & Co. will be releasing their patterns in mini collections with the seasons! This first collection is full of mix and match options that stand alone, or go well with each other. The possibilities for creating your own vision are limitless!

I admire all the awesome print mixing I see, but neutrals and solids are my go-to. I’m always buying all the beautiful prints I see, and then when I want to sew, I just want to make things in black and gray, but I have no plain fabric. Lolol! I’ve been learning this about myself, and getting better about buying what I’ll actually use. It’s a little less fun, but the finished products are always winning.

There are so many patterns in the collection (baby patterns too!!), I won’t tell you about them all, but I will tell you about the three I tested. First up are the Fawn tuxedo leggings. These are a basic legging, but with the fun upgrade of a stripe down the side. Such a fun “extra” especially since my girls wear leggings all day every day!

Next is Sparrow. This is a collared peplum for knits. There are a few options for length, but my favorite is this hi-low version of the peplum. It’s tunic length, and I can’t say no to a hi-low anything!

And then Maize is the third pattern I tested. This is a woven dress with a few length options too. One of the fun things about this pattern is the option for a curved skirt, with raised sides, kind of like a men’s dress shirt. I love this subtle change from a basic straight hem, or even hi-low, which is also an option on this pattern πŸ™‚ There is a keyhole opening in the back. I kept it simple and used ribbon for the ties.

Here are our photos from this first collection. I’m loving the fall colors, finally, even though it’s still in the 70’s and 80’s here!!

Get them all on sale through Sunday night!! Available individually, or bundled together.


Petite Stitchery & Co.

Fabric sources:

Black ponte: Joann

Grey knit: Needle Nook

Black and white floral: Girl Charlee

Blue chambray: Hobby Lobby