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I have been so ecstatic with the styles that have been released lately, and this gorgeous pattern is no exception. This is the Zahara peplum and dress from Sansahash. I love the bodice design, and after going through a couple of versions in testing, I can say the fit is perfection.

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This is another sew I was excited to have done, but not looking forward to actually sewing. Woven bodice, princess seams, slippery fabric, lace, so I can’t use a serger to finish seams, invisible zipper. It all sounds horrible, right? Hahaha! But I had an afternoon, and look what happened again! This was done while working with the girls on math, reading history and science to them, working with my preschooler on his school, cooking supper, etc… And just like that, it was finished, and photographed in one afternoon! (The pictures came after supper, waiting for the good light).

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I love everything Mgeni designs. I’m sounding like a broken record, but I don’t care. Now that I know how easy this is to sew, I might make another version for my oldest. The fancy fabric ideas are swirling.

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My daughter is IN. LOVE. with this dress. She felt like a princess, and told me that she is going to wear this exact outfit when we go see the production of White Christmas in a few weeks. I might have to make her a velvet jacket to go over it.

You can get this on sale for release week! I hope you will love it as much as I do.

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Fabric sources:

lace and lining from Joann

Cassie and Mama Cassie


I know, here we are again with the Mommy and Me, and I don’t ever want it to stop!! This is the new Cassie and Mama Cassie patterns from Made for Mermaids. The Cassie is a cold shoulder peplum or dress, with high/low skirt options, with short, 3/4, or long sleeves. It’s a half circle skirt, so it’s still twirly, but doesn’t take up nearly as much fabric as a circle skirt. My daughter has declared this her favorite dress ever, and wore it for 2 days straight, until I made her take it off, and then again to church on Sunday 🙂

The Mama Cassie pattern has the same options, but it also includes a mini dress length, and an off the shoulder option. So on trend, and as has already been shown, on the M4M blog, and in their facebook group, there’s endless options for hacking the off the shoulder version to make it your own. There’s also a free hack pack that includes a flounce to add to your off the shoulder Cassie, or a fold over band.

This is for knit fabric, the girls pattern comes in sizes 1/2-14, and Mama Cassie is from XXS-Plus3X. The sizes are color-coded, though, so make sure you check your measurements. You’ll get a perfect fit that way!


I always love everything from Made for Mermaids. The patterns are so flattering on me. I hope you’ll check out all the other listing photos too, so you can see the off the shoulder tops!

The patterns are both on sale for $7 each, or you can buy them together in a bundle for $10. The bundle is only available during the release!


Also…I think this might be the first time I can’t remember my fabric sources. Has my hoarding finally reached that level?! 😬😬 I think the lighter blue I used for Cassie was from Hancock, when they were going out of business. It is an ITY. And I think my deeper color fabric was an ITY from Needle Nook, but I’m not sure on either of them!

The sale lasts through Sunday night, so don’t miss it!



Mama Cassie

Bundle (limited time)

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Joy + Mama Joy


Joy is the new pattern from Made for Mermaids, and it’s the third and final installment in this Holiday edition of the Dreamy Collection! Even more exciting, there’s also a Mama Joy!! There’s so many things I love about these patterns. First, it’s so flattering, I’ve worn this in real life, and my daughter has worn hers too, multiple times! Not all patterns make that cut. Second, it really is a simple sew. I know I say that a lot (and I often only choose to go for the simple sews, so it is always true) but without having to gather the skirt, it goes so quickly. You should use more stable knits for this pattern, so the pleats are easy and not fiddly! So quick! Plus, there’s so many options, you can make exactly what you’re imagining!

Mama Joy options:

-high or low scoop necklines

-short, 3/4, or long sleeve options

-high/low peplum, mini dress, dress, high/low maxi, and maxi length options

-optional pockets

-optional back zipper

-tutorials for how to hack the skirt to be gathered, or the dress into separates!

Joy options:

-short, 3/4, or long sleeve options

-high/low peplum, dress, and maxi length options

-optional in seam pockets

-optional back zipper

-designed to mash with the other dreamy patterns, Annabelle, Juliette, or Noelle

-tutorial for how to hack the skirt to be gathered, or the dress into separates!

We took a lot of photos of these, so check them out, and pick up these patterns for some Mommy and Me sewing!

The floral version is made from double brushed poly, it’s a long sleeve high/low peplum top with the high neck.


The black version is all ponte, except the sleeves are stretch lace! This is 3/4 sleeve, and also high neck. It’s perfect for a statement necklace!


The green peplum is long sleeve. The bodice is cotton lycra, and the skirt is quilted knit. I love the shape this one has!


The blue dress is french terry. It doesn’t have much stretch, and the recovery is also not that great, so I reinforced most of the seams in this dress with clear elastic. Perfect!


So many choices for fabric selection! Here’s our photo overload:



Mama Joy

Bundle (sale)

Fabric sources:

Floral dbp: Vinegar+Honey Co.

Black ponte and stretch lace: Joann’s

Green cotton lycra: Stylish Fabric

Green quilted knit: Joann’s

Blue stripe french terry: LDG Textiles

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Oh Noelle. I just love this pattern so much!! First, you can’t miss with a hi-low skirt. Second, how many layers of tulle do you want to add? My girls love the girly stuff. Third, you also can’t go wrong with a boat neck! Fourth, it’s the QUICKEST sew!! Especially if you’re like me, and don’t hem any of the layers 😁🙈 I usually hem, because I want my clothes to look finished, but for these stable fabrics that won’t roll or fray, I left them 🙂

Noelle is the second pattern in the Winter Dreamy Collection from Made for Mermaids. It’s for knit fabrics with at least 30% stretch. I used a burn-out velour for one, and liverpool for the other.


-sizes 1/2-14

-peplum or dress OR layered peplum over dress with optional pettiskirt

-boat neck with stand up cowl

-3/4 or long sleeves

This is a quick and easy sew because there’s no gathering, the bodice goes together quickly, and the circle skirt attaches like a breeze. But the design, and the fabrics you can use make it such a showstopper! That’s my kind of pattern 🙂

You’ll want to grab it on sale now, I don’t think Made for Mermaids is planning a black Friday sale.

And I think we’re going to need more Sundays in December to get through all the amazing Christmas dresses these girls are amassing.

The pins that the girls have on their dresses were from my Grandma. I love that special touch, and the chance to use something that otherwise would have kept sitting in my drawer.



Fabric sources:

Rose liverpool: Pretty Posh Prints

Black velour: Needle Nook

All pettiskirt and dress lining fabrics: Joann

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Petite Stitchery & Co.


There’s a new company on the block, and I was excited to test some of their first designs!! Petite Stitchery & Co. will be releasing their patterns in mini collections with the seasons! This first collection is full of mix and match options that stand alone, or go well with each other. The possibilities for creating your own vision are limitless!

I admire all the awesome print mixing I see, but neutrals and solids are my go-to. I’m always buying all the beautiful prints I see, and then when I want to sew, I just want to make things in black and gray, but I have no plain fabric. Lolol! I’ve been learning this about myself, and getting better about buying what I’ll actually use. It’s a little less fun, but the finished products are always winning.

There are so many patterns in the collection (baby patterns too!!), I won’t tell you about them all, but I will tell you about the three I tested. First up are the Fawn tuxedo leggings. These are a basic legging, but with the fun upgrade of a stripe down the side. Such a fun “extra” especially since my girls wear leggings all day every day!

Next is Sparrow. This is a collared peplum for knits. There are a few options for length, but my favorite is this hi-low version of the peplum. It’s tunic length, and I can’t say no to a hi-low anything!

And then Maize is the third pattern I tested. This is a woven dress with a few length options too. One of the fun things about this pattern is the option for a curved skirt, with raised sides, kind of like a men’s dress shirt. I love this subtle change from a basic straight hem, or even hi-low, which is also an option on this pattern 🙂 There is a keyhole opening in the back. I kept it simple and used ribbon for the ties.

Here are our photos from this first collection. I’m loving the fall colors, finally, even though it’s still in the 70’s and 80’s here!!

Get them all on sale through Sunday night!! Available individually, or bundled together.


Petite Stitchery & Co.

Fabric sources:

Black ponte: Joann

Grey knit: Needle Nook

Black and white floral: Girl Charlee

Blue chambray: Hobby Lobby

Me Hearties Top


Look at these cute girls!! This is the Me Hearties top from Patterns for Pirates. And it’s SO CUTE! I love the sweetheart option for the top. So many fun possibilities with that. Plus you can do the top length with a twirly peplum, or dress length. (Matching women’s pattern is also available 🙂 Sweetheart Dress)

There are three arm lengths, short, 3/4 and long, and you can finish the sleeves and neck with fold over elastic (my first time using this technique) or bindings. Made for Mermaids has a helpful blog post for using FOE here.

ALSO. I always, always, ALWAYS prewash my fabric, except apparently this time… after the girls had worn their tops, and they went through the wash, the skirt portions shrank funny, the sides were now shorter than the front. I should have snapped a picture. It’s still wearable, it just doesn’t look the same. I’ve had this fabric for a while, and had almost used it for a different project a while before this one, but didn’t. I usually wash my fabric as soon as I get it, but I guess I missed this one. Just a reminder from my mistake to make sure you prewash 🙂 This knit, as many, didn’t shrink evenly both ways, making my skirt hem significantly uneven after washing.

The shorts are from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, they’re the Cutie Pie Ruffle Pants, Capris and Shorts. Which, just as the name suggests are a pant/capri/short pattern with ruffles at the bottom! I love this style to use under skirts or tops for the girls since I always make them wear shorts (usually short boy shorts) under dresses, and these are more fun since you can see the ruffle peeking out beneath 🙂 You can use knit or wovens for this pattern. I made these from cotton jersey knit.


Fabric Sources:

Floral: cotton jersey from Girl Charlee

Navy/white stripe: cotton jersey from Girl Charlee

White on bodice and sleeves: Ponte from Joann

Stretch lace on sleeves: Joann

Coral FOE: Wal-Mart

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This was the first pattern from BLAVERRY that I made. It’s a few months old, but I still love it. This is a pattern for a top, but I added 4″ to the peplum and made it a dress. I used a super bargain fabric from Hancock, I think maybe $2 a yard or so? I picked up several yards, and have made a handful of things from it, and I’m very happy with it! It wears well, and is easy to work with! When this happens, I regret not getting the whole bolt 😛

This is the Finn top, and I love all the small details that add up to make a high quality final product: the shaped sleeve, the waterfall peplum, the narrowed waist… I’m super happy with the end product! And since it’s a few months old, I can say that it’s in regular rotation in my daughter’s wardrobe. That is the highest praise of all!


Fabric sources:

Dress: Hancock value apparel knit