Nina+Mama Nina

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The new swing raglan is here from Made for Mermaids! this is a top, tunic, or high-low dress, and is so quick to sew, and easy to wear. The girls version is Nina, and the women’s version is the Mama Nina. I made a few for my girls, and only one for me, but it’s already been in heavy rotation. I may or may not have pulled it out of the laundry TWO times because I couldn’t wait until I washed it, TWO different times. Haha. And sorry if you saw me in person.

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I made mine out of double brushed poly, my daughter’s pink one from single brushed poly, and her orange one says it’s 100% cotton, but there’s more drape, I think than 100% cotton would have. So it’s a bit of a mystery!

I did make one top for my daughter, but I haven’t taken photos of it yet. The rest of my sews were the high-low dress. I think it’s my favorite option! You can make it work for so many occasions, depending on your fabric, and styling choices, and you’ll feel like you’re wearing pajamas!

The dress version is a bit of a fabric hog. I got my dress out of a 2 yard cut, sleeves and neckband too, but I had to cut carefully. My daughter wears an 8 chest/12 length, and I got her dress out of a 1 yard cut, however, I had to cut the back in 2 pieces! That works fine for solids, or non-directional prints. I didn’t do that on my pattern, just for reference.

The girl’s and women’s Nina patterns are onside for $7 each, or you can get the limited time bundle of both patterns for $10! I highly encourage that option 🙂

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Mama Nina

Bundle (best deal)

Fabric sources:

Floral DBP: Pretty Posh Prints

Pink brushed poly: So Sew English

Orange dots: LDG Textiles



Nina and Ollie


You’re about to see one of the main reasons I started this blog…so I could spam people with pictures if they chose to click 😁😁😁

This is Ollie (the top) and Nina (the skirt) from BLAVERRY. I participated in the re-test of these patterns because she is updating all her older patterns with perfected fit, clickable table of contents, nested sizes so it’s easier to blend sizes, instructions on how to blend sizes, and a coloring/design page, which you might initially think is for the kids, but I sometimes find them helpful when trying to visualize how a print will look sewn up, so sometimes I color them too!!

The final pattern for the skirt has been lengthened slightly in the back, to account for the extra space the backside takes up, so the hem hangs straight. HALLELUJAH!!!! This is my favorite part of this pattern. Except that it takes very little fabric, and is incredibly quick to sew. That might also be my favorite part 🙂

The top is a sleeveless top with two collar options. It is a quick sew as well, and I got to finally use some hook and eyes that I picked up at a garage sale a few years ago…I think I got a shoe box full of notions, trim, etc… for $5, and I’ve used so many things from that box.

Check out this photo overload of all three versions I made.

DSC_1448DSC_1452DSC_1459DSC_1461DSC_1464DSC_1466DSC_1692 (1)DSC_1788 (1)DSC_1701 (1)DSC_1613DSC_2031DSC_2034DSC_2038DSC_2048DSC_2069DSC_2072DSC_2080DSC_2095

Fabric sources:

Brown and pink tops are cotton lycra from NR Fabrics

All three skirt fabrics are from Girl Charlee (affiliate link)

Black and white stripe top is rayon spandex from LDG Showroom