Thomas Track Pants

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The newest pattern from Love Notions is another one for the boys! My son is old enough to see everything I make for the girls, and he asks me to sew for him more often. A few weeks ago he asked me to make him some soft pants to wear at home, and he emphatically told me he wanted them to have pockets. Shortly after that, the test came up for these, and I knew it would be perfect for him!

These are the Thomas Track Pants. I kept it simple with my versions, but there is a great color block option included that makes it really fun to mix colors. The pockets are deep, and the waistband is wide and comfy. The sizes included are 2T – 14.


Since these are track pants, there is also an option for a zipper at the bottom of the side seam, to make it easy to take off without removing your shoes. There is also an option to line the pants. Love Notions does a great job covering all the options you will need, and spells the steps out clearly in the tutorial!

I made my first pair out of orange french terry with almost 0 stretch. The pattern can be made from woven or knit, which makes fabric selection easy, or harder, if more options overwhelms you ๐Ÿ™‚ The second pair I made, inseam lengths were added, and so I cut the length I thought his inseam measured, even though it was a length shorter than his height, and they ended up a tiny bit too short. If I would have sewed according to his height, they would have been perfect. I measured his inseam while he was standing on the top bunk bed, with pants on, so I wasn’t very accurate. Don’t be like me. He has a little brother who will happily accept hand me downs, so it’s not a waste.


You can grab the pattern on sale during release week, for $7. The sale will go through Monday, February 5th. This will be a hit for all ages, I think! My son has already washed and worn these multiple days.

You also get to see my son pre and post haircut. Haha! He hates getting his hair cut, so we wait as long as possible, and it gets pretty shaggy ๐Ÿ™‚

Thomas Track Pants

Fabric sources:

Orange French terry: Hancock flat fold table (still sad they’re gone)

Green micro fleece: Joann

Summit Peak Hoodie

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DSC_2201 wm

I honestly don’t buy many patterns anymore. I am busy enough sewing for testing, or promoting, and have more patterns than I care to count that I have never sewn yet. I need to make more time to sew for fun…

But I had bought some spider web print fabric that was released recently, for Halloween, and at the same time, I bought some red french terry, thinking I would make a Spider-Man inspired hoodie for my four year old. I searched a little bit for a good color-blocked hoodie pattern, considered the ones I already had, and did a little internet research on Spidey hoodies that were already out there, to get some inspiration. And nothing jumped out at me, so I moved on for a bit.

And then (and then, and gentlemen, and then…I’m sorry. Probably nobody will get where that reference is from. Haha!) the Summit Peak Hoodie from New Horizons released. I immediately bought it, and equally as immediately, sewed it up! I loved the style of it. I love that there is zip-up or pullover options. The color blocking was perfect. It works easily for boys and girls, and I hear an adult version is coming!DSC_2215 wm
It is so perfect. I cut this and sewed it in one short afternoon, filled with many interruptions. It’s a simple raglan jacket. There’s nothing complex about it. This is the first zipper I have chosen to do. Meaning, I’ve sewn one when it was assigned in a test or promotion, but I have never picked a pattern with a zipper to do for fun. I’m so happy with how the whole thing turned out!

The size range is amazing, it includes 12-18mo-16. The tutorial is clear, and easy to follow, all necessary markings were included on the pattern pieces, and it was generally an easy, satisfying sew.

I keep old shoe laces and hoodie drawstrings, and found this blue one in my stash. It’s a little long, but I thought the color was appropriate. The pockets are blue too, I thought a smidge of that color would help give the Spidey vibe.


DSC_2235 wmDSC_2220 wmDSC_2231 wm

You can’t go wrong with this pattern.

I love sewing for boys, especially this one โค

DSC_2242 wm

Summit Peak Hoodie

Fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Tyler Tank


What’s it called when you find a pattern that’s the perfect summer staple, and it’s cheap, and easy, with great fit, nice big size range, etc…? Oh yeah, #sewallthetanks

This is the Tyler Tank from Funktional Threads, and is available on Craftsy for $1!! The size range goes from 12 months to 16! Minimal pages to print, and easy to grade between sizes for a better fit! The orange top above is size 3, and the others are all size 4. I made one for Sydney in size 7 width, with size 8 length.

These are also incredibly quick to sew! The arm and neck bands are just right so there’s not any puckering. I’d be happy to recommend this pattern if it’s what you’re looking for!

Check out a few more photos of the ones I’ve already made.


And here’s the size 7 I made for Sydney:


Fabric sources:

Teal and white stripe: cotton jersey from Girl Charlee

Grey rib knit: Joann

Navy waffle knit: upcycled from an old pair of lounge pants

Black and white galaxy print (bands): cotton spandex from Girl Charlee

Charcoal rayon spandex: Hancock flat fold apparel table

Orange upcycle: 100% cotton tshirt

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Clean Slate Pants


Is it weird that my main thought about this pattern, after sewing up my first pair, was that it was a joy to make!? I don’t know if there was good hormones going on in my body that day, or what, but this pattern gets high praise from me. All the pattern pieces are curved here and there, and after tracing out my size, and cutting out fabric, everything still fit together perfectly!

And I’m loving the fit on these too. Perfectly slim, not skinny, and not baggy. This is the size 3. I did the optional front pockets, but skipped the fly, and back pocket options. I don’t have all the time in the world ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t have pictures, but I did also make a pair and just cut a cotton lycra waistband to add instead of the flat front/elastic back waistband from the pattern. Even easier, and quicker! I think I maybe subtracted 4″ from his waist measurement for the knit waistband.

Check out the Clean Slate Pants from Blank Slate Patterns here.


Fabric Sources:

Blue denim: Joann

Camo: Hancock

Grey French terry: Sincerely Rylee

Bailey Baggie Shorts

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It’s just a matter of fact that the boys don’t get as much home made clothing as the girls do around here. Or maybe it just seems like it because I’ve been sewing for the girls longer. Either way, this boy is the most appreciative when I make him something, and he is the only child of mine that will reply, “thanks, my Mom made it!” Whenever someone comments on his clothes. I don’t think the girls have ever done that ๐Ÿ™‚ And I never told him to ๐Ÿ™‚ I made him these shorts from Funktional Threads out of cozy french terry with a little camo showing at the pockets. He loves them, I love them. I’ll be making plenty more for Summer, I’m sure. There are 3 length options with this pattern (this is the middle length) and colorblocking options. I’m happy to recommend this pattern! Use code LEBAILEY30 for 30% off all purchases from her shop through 4/1!


Fabric sources:

Grey french terry: Hancock flat fold apparel table

Camo cotton jersey print: Girl Charlee