This is Juliette (the dress) on Jade (the girl) I loved making this dress from Made for Mermaids’ pattern, and Jade’s design. We went shopping together so she could pick out the fabric, and it’s just perfect!

Of course, maxi length circle skirt for this size is a lot of fabric, and a lot of ruffles, but really this pattern is so simple, and basic. I think anyone with a little patience can do it 😉

We had a really quick mini photo shoot. I love the colors of the graffiti, and Jade’s a pro in front of the camera…her mom’s a photographer!

Go check out the pattern here, and check out the rest of our photos below…


Fabric sources:

Black 100% poly knit from Joann

Black non-stretch lace from Joann


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(Links contained in this post are affiliate links)

I’m dead. This dress is AMAZING, and it’s not hard to make at all! Seriously, I was kind of stressed about the ruffles when I saw the picture, but it was so easy and straightforward to make. I thought I was going to have to trace out the placement of the ruffles on my fabric which would have made it tons harder, but the tutorial shows how to determine placement with a little ruler, and it was SO SIMPLE! Either way, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was incredibly hard, because the results are gorgeous! This is the first pattern in the Dreamy Collection from Made for Mermaids. I’m so excited about them. Check out the pattern here.