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This gorgeous dress pattern was featured in the One Thimble e-zine, issue 15, and it was on the cover!

I want to quickly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the One Thimble issues I have purchased, and am impressed at the quality, and substantialness of the articles, and tutorials included, on top of receiving around 10 full pdf patterns. The price is $25 AUD, which currently makes it quite a bit cheaper if you’re in the US, and even if you only want a handful of patterns in the issue, it’s still a great deal when you break it down to price per pattern!

Ok, so the reason I’m posting about this dress now, is the Issue 16 is almost here, and so the Josephine pattern has gone home to Bella Sunshine Designs! Melissa from BSD designed this dress for One Thimble, and it is now available for purchase individually, on her site!

This is a drop waist top or dress, with cap sleeves, and princess seaming on the bodice. The back is finished with a zipper. Three lengths are included, top length, vintage dress, and knee length dress. The inside is as beautiful as the outside with all seams enclosed, INCLUDING the cap sleeve seams, and the zipper! I made this in one afternoon in spite of the fact that it’s not a quick and dirty sew, and that included making decisions about fabric and trim. 🙂

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It comes in sizes 6mo-12. I think this is a gorgeous style for so many ages. My daughters do not love wearing the woven things I make them all that much, so while I was smitten with this design, I was afraid I was doing a lot of work for nothing, but since I made this a few months ago, I can safely say it has been in frequent rotation, and when she first saw it, she gasped, and told me she loved it!

The best part is that it’s on sale right now for only $5.50!! I think that’s a great deal for a pattern of this quality!

If you love it, go pick it up, and sew a gorgeous dress this week!

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Fabric sources:

All mystery woven and trims from a hand-me-down stash