421 Myers Headbands


I know, headbands are easy to make, easy to DIY, easy to come up with your own pattern for… I was a die hard DIY-er a couple of years ago. I drafted everything I wanted to make. I’d probably search Pinterest first, and maybe find something to use, but I did a lot of my own things too. And they mostly worked out. But it is so nice to have a full pattern, that’s been tested, with a picture tutorial to take all the guess work out of it! And now that I sew so many gifts for others, and I can’t measure them, it’s nice to have all the sizes ready for me 🙂

I’m here to share these five 5 FIVE!!! FREE headband patterns from 421 Myers Designs. She’s starting her own pdf pattern company, and is putting out some great freebies to get started!

I’ve made the wire headband, but also included are free knot headband, elastic headband with bow tie, elastic headband with tied bow, and non-slip headband patterns!

You can find them in her facebook group in the pinned post.

Now, about this wire headband. It is crazy simple. Just a little cutting, sewing, and ironing, and slip a piece of wire in, and you can go crazy with styling! These were so fun to wear, and the girls loved playing with them, long after we took these quick pics.

I’d encourage you to go check out her group, and sew up some headbands for yourself, or your bff’s new baby!

Here’s the rest of our pictures!


Fabric sources:

Both fabrics were 100% cotton scraps from my stash