Thomas Track Pants

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The newest pattern from Love Notions is another one for the boys! My son is old enough to see everything I make for the girls, and he asks me to sew for him more often. A few weeks ago he asked me to make him some soft pants to wear at home, and he emphatically told me he wanted them to have pockets. Shortly after that, the test came up for these, and I knew it would be perfect for him!

These are the Thomas Track Pants. I kept it simple with my versions, but there is a great color block option included that makes it really fun to mix colors. The pockets are deep, and the waistband is wide and comfy. The sizes included are 2T – 14.


Since these are track pants, there is also an option for a zipper at the bottom of the side seam, to make it easy to take off without removing your shoes. There is also an option to line the pants. Love Notions does a great job covering all the options you will need, and spells the steps out clearly in the tutorial!

I made my first pair out of orange french terry with almost 0 stretch. The pattern can be made from woven or knit, which makes fabric selection easy, or harder, if more options overwhelms you 🙂 The second pair I made, inseam lengths were added, and so I cut the length I thought his inseam measured, even though it was a length shorter than his height, and they ended up a tiny bit too short. If I would have sewed according to his height, they would have been perfect. I measured his inseam while he was standing on the top bunk bed, with pants on, so I wasn’t very accurate. Don’t be like me. He has a little brother who will happily accept hand me downs, so it’s not a waste.


You can grab the pattern on sale during release week, for $7. The sale will go through Monday, February 5th. This will be a hit for all ages, I think! My son has already washed and worn these multiple days.

You also get to see my son pre and post haircut. Haha! He hates getting his hair cut, so we wait as long as possible, and it gets pretty shaggy 🙂

Thomas Track Pants

Fabric sources:

Orange French terry: Hancock flat fold table (still sad they’re gone)

Green micro fleece: Joann


Riviera Raglan

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I recently applied to join the promotional team at New Horizons, and was excited to be accepted! I’ve made several of their patterns, and I really love the style and quality of her designs. Most I’ve made have been for personal use, not testing, so since I wasn’t required to take good photos, I didn’t 🙂 But I have loved this company for a long time!

The first pattern I chose was the Riviera raglan. I almost didn’t because, raglan. Everyone has a raglan pattern, or 546736 in their pattern stash. But even though I own several raglan patterns too, I have a few favorites for different reasons, and I thought this would be another great option to try, since the amount of options are CRAZY in this thing!

womens raglan

Well, I saw an inspiration image, and decided I needed to go and add another option to this pattern. Ha! It’s the simplest thing, though, so I took a couple of pictures to show you what I did. My inspiration was a dress length raglan, with lace short sleeves, so I wanted to use the tunic length of this pattern, and extend it down to dress length.


After cutting out the tunic length of the pattern, I held it up to me, to see how much length to add. I decided to add 6″ and I am 5’7″ for reference. To cut it out, I placed the pattern on my fabric, and cut around the bottom hem, and up the side, just to the bottom band cut line marking. Then I scooted the pattern up 6″ and cut the  rest of the pattern out, cutting straight down to finish the side cut. Do the same thing for the front and back pieces, and you’re done!


This fabric is rayon spandex from Simply by Ti. I love her prices and selection. You will have to check her out for all your basics, and more! She regularly has fun fabrics, sparkles, tie dye, fun prints, etc… and lots of different bases, on top of having excellent quality french terry, cotton Lycra, and rayon spandex solids.


Riviera Raglan

Fabric sources:

Black rayon spandex: Simply by Ti

Black lace: Joann

Ida Dress

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DSC_5793 wm

Hi! I think this might be my first post of the year. I’ve been sewing more slowly, trying to take a break from the holiday pace where I was sewing through all the Christmas gifts I had to make like mad. But I have been sewing. My goal this year is to stay more true to my style. To be careful with my time, to sew things that I know we will wear, or want. I signed up for this blog tour for DG Patterns a while ago. I am newer to her patterns, so this is the first one I’ve sewn. I had a hard time choosing a pattern, since I love her style, and a lot of her designs were calling my name! In the end, I was able to narrow it down to knit, since I don’t have a lot of scenarios to wear woven in my life. Something simple to sew, and simple to wear, and then to top off all that simplicity, I made it in heather grey french terry from Simply by Ti Fabrics. Can’t get any more “me” than that, and I am happy to be sewing something I’ll wear, instead of worrying about how well the fabric will photograph or “sell” the clothes.

DSC_5759 wm

I did have to make a few adjustments to the pattern for me. After taping and cutting the pattern, I held it up to my body, the real, technical way of seeing how something will fit, 😉 and determined that I was going to want a lot more length to wear this. Based on how it hit, I decided to add 3″ mid-torso, and cut and sewed a quick muslin. After trying that on, I thought I would be more comfortable with another inch, so for this version, I added the same 3″, and then added another inch in the neck/arm section. I think it feels great now!

This is a good style to wear on it’s own, or layered with skinny jeans or leggings. I should have taken my own advice and tried that! It’s going to work fine for summer, or for winter as a layering piece. My photos were taken in single digit weather, with my kids as bundled up photographers, so we didn’t go crazy with style changes. But I hope you can see some ideas! I don’t have many photos because I was COLD, and my neck was scrunched into nothing in most of the pics. Ha!

DSC_5807 wm

DG Patterns is having a 50% off sale during the blog tour! It would be a great time to check out a pattern or two to see what you think! Use code FRESHSTART50 at DG Patterns.

Welcome to the Fresh Start Tour

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It’s that time of year where we’re thinking about getting a fresh start on our habits, new wardrobes, and trying new things. Join me and my fellow bloggers this week as we showcase how we’re getting a Fresh Start with DG Patterns. (Be sure to read on to learn about our sponsor giveaway)
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Wednesday: House of Estrela, FABulous Home Sewn, Sprouting Jube Jube

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Free Patterns Fall/Winter 2017/18

There are hundreds of free patterns out there! I have my lists, and I own tons of them. For many, you have to join the facebook group either to download it from their files, or to get the code to download it from their website, others are just free to newsletter subscribers, some others are free just to download from the respective website, so be aware there may be some small hoops to jump through. I still will include any on my list that you don’t have to put any money out for 🙂

This list will be for the newly released free patterns. It’s going to be a huge task to list all the free ones available, so I’m going to focus on rounding up the most recent ones. Hopefully this will be helpful for you.

I will also add that most free patterns are free forever, but sometimes a designer will put it out as a freebie for a certain amount of time, and then it will go into their shop as a paid pattern. So don’t wait too long, if it’s something you think you will sew at some point. I will be updating this post quite a bit, so check back!

Fluffmonger: Free sewing pattern for Doodles the Deer stuffie. This is free to download in this tutorial.

George and Ginger: The Sincerely Sawyer sweater is a new free pattern in sizes Tween 12 – 5X. You have to join George and Ginger pattern group, and the Sincerely Rylee fabric group to find the two halves of the codes to be able to download this one for free.

Made for Mermaids: They will have 12 freebies this December, as they have done for the last couple of years also. These patterns are always free to download on their website in the Freebies section. You can check here to see what all is available.

Misusu: Olli lined pants in sizes 62 – 98 |  0-3m – 2-3y. This one is free to download on the Misusu website.

Patterns for Pirates: They have several freebies on their website, and have added a few new ones in December in years past. This year there are going to be some new ones too. You can find them in the Freebies section of their website.

Rebecca Page: Portia dress is free in the knee length, knit version, in sizes newborn – 12 years, 18″ dolly, and womens XXS – 5XL. You can download it here. You can also purchase the full version which includes many more options.

Stitch Upon a Time: Wonderland Cap in sizes 0-6mo – Adult. You can get it free if you are a newsletter subscriber. Sign up here.

Striped Swallow Designs: Wonderland Hooded Scarf in sizes 2T – 14. You can get the code to download it for free in the pinned post in their Facebook group.

Winter Wear Designs: Cross Hem tee for women in sizes 00 – 24. You can get the code to download it for free in their Facebook group.

WWD also has a new boys underwear pattern in sizes 1 – 10. You have to join 2 groups to find two halves of the code, and put them together to get it for free. The groups are the WWD group, and the Fabric Anthropology Jr. Seamstress sew along group.


Acorn Vest

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DSC_3859 wm

My girls have a fur vest they fight over, and it is fun to wear, so I don’t blame them. When this pattern came up for testing, I knew I wanted to make View A, so I could make their own fur vests! This is the Acorn pattern from Love Notions. It includes 3 views. This is View A, an open front vest, meant for thicker fabrics, faux furs, etc… Views B and C have a separating zipper closure up the front, optional hood or collar, and View B includes patch pockets, View C includes princess seams with pockets in the seam.

DSC_3902 wm

Sizes range from 2T-16. I love that the upper end of Love Notions sizes goes to 16. My oldest is already in 12 for length, and that’s only 2 sizes away from growing out of girls sizing! It gets me as far as possible until I have to jump to making her women’s sizes.

For a fun treat, there is a doll version included as well! I very rarely make my girls doll clothes, because it’s not my favorite. But I knew I could handle a vest. It’s unlined since that would be really tricky to do in this tiny size, so it’s so quick to sew, with just the shoulder seams, and side seams.

DSC_3877 wm

I was trying to decide how to style my daughter’s vest for pictures, and made a lil LDT for her. I found this black and white print remnant at Joann, and squeezed as long of a dress as I could out of it. I love both of these pieces, as they will be so versatile with other outfits all winter!

DSC_3889 wmDSC_3904 wmDSC_3861 wm

You can get the Acorn vest on sale. There will not be any black Friday sale at Love Notions, so don’t wait for that 🙂 And there’s also a women’s version, called the Oakley vest, or you can buy them in a bundle for bigger savings.



Acorn and Oakley Bundle

Fabric sources:

Fur, and dress fabric both from Joann



Catherine + Mama Catherine

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DSC_2768 wm


This pattern has been in progress for a while, and some website issues have pushed off the release for too many days! There are still some struggles behind the scenes, so they will be releasing it on Etsy! I will add the links to the main site, too, so you can purchase there if it’s working for you, or when it’s all back up.

This is Catherine, and Mama Catherine. If you love the Holly pattern from last year’s Dreamy Collection, you will love Catherine. The Mama version is the perfect coordinate for your daughter’s Holly, but in comfy knit. The yoke has square or scoop options, and of course there’s plenty of sleeve and bodice lengths! And they couldn’t leave the girls out, so there’s a girl’s Catherine too! This is for knit fabric, and includes scoop or square neck options as well. You can choose to line, or band the scoop neck. Top, tunic, and dress are included, as well as a ruffle dress version. I love all the ruffles!! This is a quick, simple sew!

DSC_3216 wmDSC_3135 wm

The sleeves are fun, with optional flounces. You can make a regular flounce, or a high-low flounce, which is what I chose to do on my daughter’s first one.

DSC_2757 wmDSC_2773 wmDSC_2767 wm

And as always, there are plenty of hacks on the M4M blog! I sewed a slight variation on the sleeve, to make this pretty bishop sleeve.

DSC_3265 m4mDSC_3279 m4m

You will be set for Holiday photos, parties, Christmas Eve services, or family dinners in comfort with these patterns! You can see all the other amazing versions in the listing photos!

DSC_3133 wmDSC_3154 wmDSC_3229 wmDSC_2770 wmDSC_2763 wm

They will be on sale for $7.50 each, or $13 bundled together. There is even a dolly version, and you can purchase that separately, or bundled with all three sizes for $16.50.


Mama Catherine

Dolly Catherine

Mama and girls bundle

Mama, girls, and dolly bundle

Fabric sources:

Floral single brushed poly: Pretty Posh Prints

Rose crushed velvet: Pretty Posh Prints



Black Friday 2017 Sales!


DSC_9528 wmI am going to update this post as I hear about fabric and pattern sales! I will use my affiliate links* if I have one, but I will share everything I hear about! I hope this will be helpful to you. Consider that the fabric shops that are running sales will run out of stock, since most are small businesses, whereas pattern companies won’t, so don’t wait too long to shop! Also, a lot of these businesses are located around the globe, so pay attention to the time zone they are running their sale in. 🙂 One more note, since i’m in the US, prices that are in AUD or CAD will actually be an even better deal for us with the current exchange rate.


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La Fabrica: Take 20% OFF all retail custom fabric with code TURKEYTIME through Cyber Monday at midnight. La Fabrica.

LA Finch: Holiday sale starting 12: 00 am 11/24/17 to 11/27/17 11:59 PM PST.
30% OFF all fabric collections except End of Bolt and Black Friday Special Promo Collection. Code: BFSALE30
A special collection will go live during Black Friday sale with new arrivals as well as fabrics picked from site that I wanted to place at a bigger discount. Prices will be super low up to 80% off. LA Finch.

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Southern Belle Fabrics.


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Kelsy Hamilton: The eBook – Sew Classic Baby Bibs – will be totally FREE to download on Amazon tomorrow, Friday 11/24. It shows how to draw baby bib patterns on freezer paper that can be ironed onto fabric. It also explains the CPSIA laws that apply to baby bibs if you want to make them to be sold.

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Disclaimer: I copied information as I found it. Please check with the individual companies for explicit details of their respective sales. Happy shopping! I have a lot on my wishlist too 🙂