Jalie Victor+Ben

We had the best summer of our lives this year. Coming off of a year where so many things were closed, and we also were moving , plus getting ready to have a baby last year…we didn’t do much relaxing and enjoying. We tried to make up for it this year, but not with anything grand, just the basics. And a big part of that was a lot of water play. Days at the pool, mornings at the splash pad, afternoons with sprinklers and popsicles. It doesn’t hurt that sewing swim is my favorite!

I got to sew up some patterns from this year’s collection from Jalie, which JUST DROPPED THIS WEEK! Today I’m sharing Victor (board shorts), and Ben (tank). I couldn’t get my mind off this look, and so I created matching sets for my three boys!

I just love a solid, and I’m using a bunch here! These are three different solid board short fabrics from The Fabric Fairy, along with two solid colors of rib from her shop.

Light Blue board short

Spearamint board short

Classic red board short

Dark navy rib

Creamy white rib

Natural cotton drawstring

Check out these fun brother pics, and go peruse the newest patterns from Jalie. Two of my favorite things about Jalie, are an automatic discount when you buy 3 or more patterns. I can ALWAYS find at least three more that I need, and the thumbnail that shows on the first page of your pattern, where the sizes disappear as you turn off the layers, so it’s easy to see just what pages you need! They also expanded to add more sizing, so the fantastic value just got better!

Thank you for reading!

Zero Waste – Thread Faction

Zero Waste garments. This is the coolest. If you read about Liz’s inspiration behind this project, it’s to create garments out of rectangles, but without the excess fabric bulk that’s often left when creating garments out of simple shapes. And I think the results of her work is genius! I was so excited to get a chance to sew one up and share it with you!

This jumpsuit is 2 rectangles, but it’s such a smart, comfortable fit! I did mash 2 sizes, a 5 width, and a 7 length, which was simple to do. As a bonus, and in the zero waste theme, I used an old tablecloth I had bought on the clearance rack for my son’s birthday many years ago. It felt right to repurpose something for a second life with this pattern.

I love the vibes of this look, and want to sew the joggers from the collection next! You can use woven, or a stable knit. The options are so endless for this.

I have a copy of this pattern collection to give away! Come follow me on Instagram at @itsliesel and then leave me a comment here that you did! ❤

Here’s the rest of the blog tour that I will be eagerly eyeing all week!

04/06 – Thread Faction Studio Blog, Wattle & Slate on Instagram,

Smooth Sorbet by PR&P

Do I say this every time? I think I do, but sewing for the Project Run & Play collections Look Book is one of my favorite things!

The colors of Smooth Sorbet are so fun and summery, so we had a lot of fun creating this outfit!

The collection includes a great variety of patterns, and you could sew a summer capsule, and sew for girls or boys with it!

We made the Bacca Bootcuts, the Fragola top, and Fetta purse. This was my first ever zip fly! I decided it was the time. Haha! I’ve made jeans before, but always opted for the “pull-on” waistband option. I got to tackle something new, and I’m glad I pushed myself. I think I need to do another one very soon so I don’t go years, and then totally feel like a first-timer again the next time.

White jean shorts are summer dressing at it’s best. I think they look good with just about anything, and she didn’t have any yet this summer, so I was glad to get a chance to make a pair! The Bacca Bootcuts calls for stretch denim, but Jo-Ann didn’t have any white stretch denim, which I had my heart set on, so this pair doesn’t have the same flexibility they might have, but they fit and wear just fine!

We paired it with the Fragola top, which also has dress length options. This is just a cute classic silhouette, and I made it in rayon for a super comfortable, beautiful top! This was a value cut of fabric from Wal-Mart that I loved, and was perfect for this!

Lastly, we completed the outfit with the cutest fruit slice bag! My daughter was specific that she wanted it to look like an orange slice, but I didn’t have any fabric that spoke to me, so I went with a grapefruit look, and that worked out just fine with the location we found, which added the orange color!! This pattern is called the Fetta Purse.

I hope you’ll make an outfit from the newest collection, you can’t go wrong! And check out the Look Book for loads of GORGEOUS inspiration!!

A Pantone Party

I have followed the Pantone colors of the year for as long as I can remember/as long as I’ve known about them. Color is my favorite. I really don’t have a favorite ONE color. If you ask me, I’ll immediately think red or blue, because those both cover a million shades that people might think of, and that feels closest to accurate, if I have to pick one color. “The rainbow” is a better answer, and one I sometimes give. But we’re here today to talk about Ultimate Grey, and Illuminating (yellow), the Pantone colors of the year 2021.

Yellow is bright, bold, confident, sunny, and a color that I’ve gotten the most compliments when wearing. Which makes it a favorite too 🙂

Project Run & Play is hosting a fun Pantone Party, where all the things are made with the Pantone colors of the year, and it’s a treat!

I was sponsored by Fabricworm, and they sent me this beautiful Birch organic cotton woven fabric in marigold! So gorgeous. It’s crisp and soft, and I love that it’s organic.

The Odeline is from the PRP shop, and while it’s been in my downloads for a while, I’m glad it waited for me to sew it up for this. The classic silhouette makes the color yellow the clear star, while being designed well enough to shine for itself too. This is the most basic of options, and striking on it’s own, though you have plenty of other looks to choose from with this pattern!

Pop over to Project Run & Play to see who else has been sewing, lots of inspiration, fabric shops you’re going to want to check out, a sew-along, and giveaway!!

Project Lounge Library

Sewing for my season of Project Run & Play still holds the top spot for favorite sewing things I’ve done. It came after a season of LOTS of testing, and some promoting, which is mainly sewing ugly fabric, to perfect the fit, and then hurriedly sewing something in nice fabric to take photos of for promotional purposes. I loved it. I still love it, but it was wearing me thin. I got to sew WHATEVER I WANTED, MODIFIED HOWVER I WANTED, and I had a good reason to say no to tests that summer. It was something I needed, personally, and I’m so grateful to be asked to be on that season!

Since then, Project Run and Play has opened a pattern shop featuring patterns by all the designers that have competed, and has started releasing collections of patterns periodically, complete with a theme, and Look Book. And that’s where we are today.

Lounge Library is the theme, and I had no problem deciding on a book to use for my inspiration. The Story of Ferdinand was one of my childhood favorites. I loved the story, but I loved the artwork more. It’s still one I love reading to my own kids, and I still pore over the illustrations every time.

The pattern collection includes 11 patterns, with something for everyone! I sewed 2 patterns from it. The Story dress spoke to me, with the balloon sleeves. I thought it gave a nod to the flamboyant fashion of the bullfighters. Of course it had to be red. There are only three color options I could use, red, black, and white.

I made it out of cotton spandex French terry that I had bought a few years ago from Raspberry Creek Fabrics to make a jacket for my son, and didn’t actually have enough, but HOW PROVIDENT that I ordered a French terry scrap pack from RCF, and it had a 2/3 yard piece of red French terry, which was exactly enough to make the dress! She has worn this so many times in the few weeks it’s been made, and will definitely be a pattern going into the regular rotation.

I couldn’t represent Ferdinand without flowers, and this black and white floral print could not have been any more perfect. I’ve actually had this in my stash for several years. It came in a knit fix from Girl Charlee, and it’s fairly stiff, without much stretch, so I’ve just been holding onto it waiting for the right pattern/inspiration combo to hit, and I’m so glad I had it for this!

The patterns my oldest are wearing are actually a set, the Nini Noni Nightwear set, and it comes with several top options, shorts, and pants options, and a nightgown option! When I saw the color blocking option on the top, I immediately wanted to make it into a regular shirt for my daughter. The lace seemed appropriately fancy for the fashions represented in the book, and the black is bamboo spandex from Pretty Posh Prints. I think this pattern set is SO versatile, it doesn’t even have to be jammies!

I had no bullring to take photos in, but I think this dusty baseball diamond that the kids like to play games at with the neighborhood kids gives fits the inspiration a little bit 🙂 It was the WINDIEST the afternoon we took pictures, so we only came out with a few where their hair wasn’t plastered to their faces. But we all love these looks!

I hope you’ll take some time to go check out the Look Book. I love seeing everyone’s versions of the same patterns. I guarantee you’ll come away inspired!

I have one pattern from the new collection to give away! Just go follow Project Run & Play on instagram, come back here and comment that you’re following, and you’ll be entered! Giveaway open for 24 hours!

A SLPCo Holiday

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One of my favorite things its the Simple Life Patterns Company Holiday blog tour. I’ve been honored to be on this tour for a few years, and they are some of my favorite makes to look back on!

My very first pattern from SLPCo was Ayda. I bought it when I was pretty new to Pdf patterns, and pretty new to sewing. I was not in the testing and promoting world yet, where you kind of get patterns for free by the gobs and gobs! So it was a big deal to actually purchase a pattern. You know I loved it!

Now I’ve made so many of their gorgeous designs, and I love that they’re classic, but unique! And comfortable! My girls have lived in so many of them!

For this blog tour, I mashed two new to me patterns. I couldn’t resist the full ruffled skirt from the Opal’s pattern, and then I spent a LONG time looking through their website to decide which bodice to pair it with. Molly is one of the originals, but that deep scoop just kept calling my name. It’s so elegant, and a little dramatic!

It was a straight mash. I just gathered the Opal skirt to match the Molly bodice, but if you use the circle skirt from Opal, instead of the gathered one, you might need to do a more careful mash.

Art Gallery has been a favorite for me to work with this year, and they generously sponsored this dress. I have eyed this print for a long time, and finally had the perfect occasion to use it!

I love that this dress fits my 10 year old’s style, while still making my ruffle-loving heart happy. ❤

I’m serious, even if your big girl says she hates ruffles, make her something like this, and she won’t be able to resist it once she puts it on!

You will be so inspired with the rest of the dresses on this tour, and you can grab all their patterns on sale, too, with the code HappyHolidays. It’s the last sale of the year!!


A huge thank you to our sponsors!!

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A Plaid Sofiona

So, Sofiona. This pattern company is known for their fine-tuned details. From the design to the drafting to the testing to the launch. Nothing escapes calculation. And what does that get you? Unique patterns in the sizes you need that will fit, and you and your daughters will love! (Or sons, because I’ve actually used their robe pattern for my boys too!)

I am happy to also call them friends, and loved making this set in a PLAID theme for the fall season.

These top patterns were designed to work together, though I’ve never made them together, until now! The Tide top/dress pattern is a halter with a circle skirt, or half circle skirt, but I went full circle, because, better! I am SUPER proud of my pattern matching on the back of this. I mean, I can see the flaws, but it turned out as good as I could have hoped! Best of all, we didn’t try any of this on until we went out to take pictures, and of course, it’s a perfect fit!

Tundra is one I’ve made a few times. I love an easy to wear piece, and this definitely fits my style. However, this is no sloppily drafted dolman. Every piece fits together perfectly, and gives the perfectly fitted finish! The crop length hits just right to throw on on top of a dress or tee for an extra layer in the fall.

I made a basic pair of Rocky Shore tights in basic black to finish up the outfit. Wouldn’t you know she hasn’t taken them off, and requested 1 or 2 more pairs in black, so she would never have to be without a clean pair. LOL! You know the pattern is a good one when they love the fit and feel enough to request exact duplicates!

I hope you love my plaid pattern mixing! I’m so happy with how this turned out! My daughter still has on the leggings and crop sweater, she’s just exchanged the halter for a comfy grey graphic tee, and it’s the perfect home outfit, too. Go check out all of their amazing designs, and plan something fun and comfy for your next sew!

Friday Dress

I have a story to tell.

My 10 year old is the pickiest. She has loved shoes since she was 5 months old, and has loved clothes almost as long. It’s not a joke. Her favorite “toy” was the shoes from the shoe basket she would dump out, and play with happily.

She’s had quite the sense of “style” over the years, notably, often wearing two completely different shoes on her feet, and breaking the rules of mixing patterns before she learned the rules.

Now that she’s 10, she’s had time to hone her taste, and is particular about a lot of things. She hates polka dots. She hated ruffles first though, and there are too many other things to name here. But she does love clothes, and has specific tastes in all the aspects of a design!

So, I still like to sew things I like for her anyway (BIG GRIN), because creating kids fashion is my happy place. I know some of the main things to stay away from, but I also know that she loves a lot more things than she thinks she does, because she can’t always see the vision, until something is complete.

The Friday Dress is one of those things I like. I’ve admired this pattern since it first released, and have thought about making it so many times, but I tend to go for things that I can whip up without thinking, and that only take 30 minutes or less, because, 5 kids, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, life, etc… take up all of my time.

Signing up for a blog tour with the Friday Dress on it, though, is just the excuse I needed to force myself to sew it. I didn’t ask my daughter first. I also didn’t tell her I was sewing it, I also chose the fabric myself. She saw it when I was almost done, and checked out the line drawing that was on the last page of instructions I had printed out by the sewing machine. I figured she wouldn’t like it much, it’s not a style I normally sew her, and wovens aren’t at the TOP of her list of favorite things. Oh well, I’ll get the photos, and the dress will get passed on.

At bedtime that same day, she told me she left a note for me, which I went to read after she was in bed.

My shocked/happy heart! She hadn’t even tried it on yet!

We took photos the next morning, and she’s not taken it off since. All this to say, if you’re doubting anything about the Friday Dress, don’t. There’s some kind of magic in it! Plus, it’s on sale, which is another reason to get it now!

We’re celebrating 10 new patterns in the Project Run & Play shop, and they’re a bunch of good ones! They’re on sale, and the blog tour inspiration will give you more patterns to add to your list!


When is it too late to sew new stuff for summer? Not the end of August for sure, if you’re in the midwest! We will possibly have days warm enough to wear this through November or maybe even in December! If all else fails, throw on a sweater 🙂

My daughter loves maxi dresses, and I knew she would wear this thing out through the end of summer! This is the Tahiti Tank dress pattern from New Horizons Designs.

I made a maxi with a fun tropical floral print from Pretty Posh Prints. I thought this was a great way to showcase the print, and make a statement. I’ve been saving this fabric for something, I didn’t know what, but here it is 🙂 I chose the racerback version, and the maxi version has two side slits included.

I also love the tie that is an option on this pattern, but I liked it on the knee length dress better, so I made a solid version too! I chose the straight hem option, and the full back on this one.

This is also a double brushed poly from Pretty Posh Prints, which I bought to make winter dresses, because I love the color, but I think it will carry us into fall nicely!

As always, the size range of New Horizons kids patterns makes me so happy. They run from 12-18 months up through 16, which means there’s no weird cross-over stage when my girls won’t fit into the girls or women’s patterns! Give this one a try if you need a satisfying summer sew!

My Favorite Things

I’ve loved being on the Raspberry Creek Fabrics promo team for the last two years. I’m a frugal fabric shopper, and I eyed the fabrics from Raspberry Creek for a long time before I jumped in. You know, paying shipping and all. But locally there’s never as much good knits, and when I made my first order, I was hooked.

I get to share a few of my favorite things today, and RCF is certainly one of them. I chose a custom double brushed poly print to sew. I love that RCF offers customs at non-custom prices. You seriously can’t beat it. I love that they print them in-house in the USA. I love that they use a process that is safer, and eliminates TONS of water usage. I don’t see a downside.

The prints are designed by lots of people, and they’ve held design-a-line contests a few times, so even you could be a designer with your prints in the RCF shop!

Then I had to choose a pattern. Even with all my favorite companies, and patterns, every time I tried to make a decision to sew something else, I felt like I was not being true to the one pattern I’ve made the most over the last couple of years! It’s the Rosie top from See Kate Sew. I’ve made a bunch. The first time was because it was cute. Then every time after that was because my daughter kept requesting it, and because it’s so stupid easy to make!

It takes 6 pages to print out the whole thing. It’s 3 pattern pieces. You just fold the neck and sleeves under to hem. And it’s so easy to wear, and adorable on.

My daughter has grown out of the biggest size of this pattern, but I keep extending it a little to make it work for her. There is a women’s version, but I don’t think she’s ready for it yet.

The third thing I get to feature is a favorite tool. There’s not really a way to choose, but I cannot sew without my iron. I think it’s the one tool that takes your garment from home-made to professional in minutes! I was going to do a photo before and after ironing, but muscle memory kicked in, and I ironed the whole way through sewing, and as I was giving it a final press, I did a face palm. Lol! So you just get to see it all crisp and finished.

I’ve owned this iron since I got it for my wedding. I picked up a couple Rowenta’s at garage sales, but they didn’t stop leaking, and seemed to not press as well, so I went back to this. It’s hot. It presses well. The buttons are easy to press. It doesn’t leak. It steams well. It’s a great price. If you’re in the market, I recommend it!

Now go check out the rest of the stops on the tour! The inspiration is good with everyone sharing about their favorite things.

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