Tess Tulip Shorts

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DSC_6853 wm

I’m happy to be able to show off the new Tulip shorts from Bella Sunshine Designs! Their patterns are top notch, and I am not just saying that. Whenever I have a woven pattern from them, and I grade it between sizes to match my girls measurements, the pieces always, amazingly match up exactly when I’m sewing. Even with the possibility of my grading error, cutting the pattern out error, or fabric cutting error, it always matches up exactly, which is a beautiful thing, especially for wovens.

I know this will be a hit, because this style of short is so trendy right now! This pattern comes in sizes 6mo-12, and has short, or a longer inseam. This is the shorter version. There are optional inseam pockets as well. She also just released the Tess Tulip shorts for women, so you can twin with your mini me!!

These are on sale for release. And they sew up quickly. You can get crazy with your trims and piping, for some super fun shorts. But you will not want to miss the sale price, so you can get to sewing!!

DSC_6864 wmDSC_6890 wmDSC_6887 wmDSC_6869 wmDSC_6861 wm

Tess Tulip Shorts (girls)

Tess Tulip Shorts (women)

Fabric sources:

Orange floral quilter’s cotton: Hancock

Linen Loungers+Little Loungers

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DSC_7052 wm

These new woven pants are the latest patterns from Patterns for Pirates! The women’s version are the Linen Loungers, and there is a unisex version for children called the Little Loungers 🙂 I only made shorts versions of both of these patterns, though, because, HOT.

There are so many options, as usual, and you can also pick your favorite finishes, since they include the “quick and dirty” methods, and the more neat methods. Personally, I go for quick, because I just want to sew more more more!

This comes in short, bermuda, capri, and pant lengths. The shorts options include a cuffed hem, or a curved hem. There are 2 front pocket options, or leave them off. And a back patch pocket.

I love the comfort of these. They call for a fabric with some drape, but the shorts versions can be made with something more stable. The yoga waistband version whips up SO quickly, and then I also made one with an elastic waist, and they were pretty much just as quick! My daughters also got some shorts, I haven’t photographed all of them yet!

You can check out the listing to see photos of them on all kinds of amazing women! And they will be on sale during the release 🙂

DSC_7159 wm

My fun printed shorts are made from rayon challis from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I added 1 yard of this to my order sometime last fall, and it was sitting around waiting for the right project until now. This was a one yard wonder, because I carefully cut out these shorts, with just a tiny scrap of that yard to spare 🙂 These are the cuffed hem shorts, I left the cuff down, instead of tacking it up, because the fabric wouldn’t stay up very well, and to keep the inseam a little longer. I made a tiny change to the pocket installation. The pattern has you bind the edge of the pocket, but I just sewed it to the front shorts, turned it over and topstitched. Easy hack.

The black shirt here is a short sleeve Sweet Tee. I have a hard time nailing myself down, but it might be my favorite P4P top pattern ever. So fast, and I feel like it’s so flattering and comfortable.

DSC_7350 wmDSC_7303 wmDSC_7128-2 wm

The green shorts are an upcycle from another homemade garment handed down to me from a friend, so I really have no clue what the fabric content is. It is a lightweight woven, and I was afraid it might even be too sheer for these, but it’s completely fine on.

DSC_7066 (1) wmDSC_6837 wmDSC_7015 wmDSC_6843 wmDSC_6954 wmDSC_7033 wmDSC_6984 wmDSC_6936 wmDSC_6839 wm

These can be a year round staple! I am personally excited to have some comfy printed shorts, and my daughter is excited to match with mommy!

Linen Loungers

Little Loungers

Lounger Bundle (best deal)


Fabric sources:

Yoga waistband cotton lycra: Needle Nook Fabrics

Striped drawstring: Club jersey from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Green shorts: mystery woven

Floral rayon challis: Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Black sweater knit (Sweet Tee): Wal-Mart

Everyday Elegance

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DSC_5482 wm

The Everyday Elegance top was one of the first patterns I knew about from Patterns for Pirates. It is a classic blouse pattern, and I was never excited to try it out, because…woven. Hahaha! I love wearing woven, I just don’t love sewing apparel woven because of the extra steps it takes. However, every time I make something out of woven, I wonder why I was so annoyed by it, because it actually doesn’t take that long, nor is it hard! And then it turns out amazing like this! I am crushing hard on this Everyday Elegance  dress I made. This is my favorite color to wear, and this rayon fabric flows beautifully. I wore it the next Sunday to church, and since I’m still figuring out the ropes of fitting and sewing for myself, I don’t always wear my makes if I’m not completely confident in them. But I love this so much.

This new version has been updated to include layers, plus sizing, and a few more options. There are lots of hacks posted on the P4P blog to take your pattern even farther.

And best of all, it’s on sale for the re-release. This is kicking off the summer of woven at Patterns for Pirates, and it’s a great beginning! You will love this so much.

DSC_5543 wmDSC_5464 wmDSC_5429 wmDSC_5498 wmDSC_5494 wmDSC_5514 wm

Everyday Elegance


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DSC_5676 wm

I love sewing swimsuits, and this new suit is part of a summer pattern collection from Marisa at Laela Jayne Patterns! She has gone all out with matching women’s and girls versions of this pattern, and several other patterns too! I love putting my girls in one pieces for modesty, and comfort. And I love even more that I can sew for my girls to make them fit their bodies! My oldest put on a RTW suit yesterday to play in the sprinkler, and it was much too short for her. But a suit that’s 2 sizes larger to fit her girth would be too loose, and not decent either.

This is the Vi-Vi suit, the women’s is the Violet suit. It has a faux crossover design. The neck and arms are bound, and the legs are finished with 3/8″ swim elastic. I went pretty basic on the style, because I wanted to go crazy with the color blocking! But there is optional high or low back (this is the low back), optional ruffles to go around the neck, and optional circle side cut outs, which I think are SO fun!

So, I love solids, but have only learned recently to buy them. Haha! I have so many beautiful printed fabrics, and never want to wear them. But my swim stash has only developed recently, and so it’s mostly solids! Well, I actually do want fun prints for suits, so I need to re-work my shopping criteria. But I do love neon, and had a few solids that I thought would be fun together. Since the binding would cross over all the colors, I just decided to do white, to make it all pop. YAASSS 80’s neon fashion inspiration!

DSC_5664 wm

The morning I was planning on taking pictures with a fun colorful wall in the background, and styled with high side ponytails, I woke up in the middle of the night to get my son, who was crying, and broke my little toe on his brother’s bed 😦 So, since i was hobbling around, we didn’t do anything fancy for the photos, and I just took them on my front porch again. But I love them. I especially love when I take photos of the girls together, since they have so much more fun, than when they’re in front of the camera alone.

DSC_5635 wm

If you’re new to sewing swimwear, this is an easy one to start with! I find swim fabric more stable, and easier to deal with than a lot of knits. And if you get a slippery one, it can be more tricky, but just pin carefully, and you’ll be fine! The pattern comes in sizes 12m-10.

DSC_5649 wmDSC_5652 wmDSC_5627 wmDSC_5667 wmDSC_5671 wmDSC_5656 wmDSC_5645 wm



Fabric sources:

Nylon spandex swim knit

Neon yellow: Joann

Peach and purple: Needle Nook Fabrics

White swim lining I used for binding: Joann

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

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DSC_5910 wm

Our spring has been mild, and gorgeous for a long time, and I have loved it so much! I might find ways to complain about it, which is crazy! Like that I have to have the summer and winter clothes out, because it can be chilly some mornings and evenings, and hot some days, so the kids drawers are overflowing. But I really have been thankful to have lots of nice weather to spend time outside as a family this year. It’s recently started getting HOT though. We’ve been consistently in the 90’s and I think it might be time to put away the cool weather things! In the middle of June. Ha!

I was realizing that my kids are a little low on summer wear, once I emptied their drawers. I’ve been a garage sale/thrift store fanatic all my life, and have always bought kids clothes ahead when I find a good deal on something that’s in good shape, but the last few years it hasn’t been so easy to do garage sales with 4 children to get in and out of the car at each stop, plus, I’m just busier! So, for the first time, I don’t have lots of clothes to pull out for summer weather.

I decided to whip up a couple of M4M Dylan tees, which I made into tanks using the hack from their blog, for my boys. These are great basics that will get lots of use this summer. I love patriotic colors too, so this subtle red white and blue color blocking will be fun for the holidays this summer, but will also work for any time 🙂

My boys would not stop moving the morning I took these pictures. I love that they have matching tops, and they still love matching each other!

DSC_5874 wmDSC_5876 wmDSC_5885 wmDSC_5891 wmDSC_5897 wmDSC_5899 wmDSC_5917 wmDSC_5912 wm

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Sansahash Patterns has released their third pattern, and it is the Imari woven shorts! These are a great faux fly, elastic back shorts pattern for woven, or stretch woven. There are separate pattern pieces included to make a bubble version as well! I LOVE the bubble style, but my girls aren’t as crazy about it, so I made these perfect flat shorts, which I love too, for them 🙂 They have two small pleats on either side of the front, which is a fun detail, and adds a little ease for wearing.

They are pretty quick to sew. The faux fly is SO simple. No need to be worried about that part, and I love having  fun with the prints on these shorts, perfect to go with all the basic tops I have for my girls (they’re so cheap to pick up at War-Mart or Target, and I can’t resist all the fun colors, plus I don’t love graphics on my kids shirts).

DSC_5396 wm

They are a great deal, and come in a size range from 6mo-12, so they will last you a long time!

I made 2 versions in testing, the black pair is the first version, and the yellow ones are the final version of the pattern. I used some 100% cotton from Joann for the black ones, and a sheet set I picked up at Goodwill for the yellow pair.

Get them quick, before the sale is over!

DSC_5377 wmDSC_5391 wmDSC_5368 wmDSC_5404 wmDSC_5357 wmDSC_5353 wmDSC_5396 wmDSC_5390 wmDSC_5373 wm



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This is the new Family bundle of patterns from Made for Mermaids. It includes their first men’s pattern! The Dylan Tee and Men’s Dylan Tee is a tee, with color blocking on the sides. It includes short or long sleeves. The Vivienne and Mama Vivienne include top, tunic, mini, and dress lengths, and is a sleeveless bodice, with color blocking on the sides, and a gathered front and back skirt.

They are all quick sews. The Vivienne patterns are finished around the neck and arms with binding, and the neckline of the tee is finished with bands. There are optional side pockets on the Vivienne patterns that I did not add to any of mine, and I don’t know why, but I have the pattern cut out for one of my daughters, and I plan on adding that cute pocket to hers!

These photos are all the versions I made during testing. and I have another Mama Vivienne almost finished, and my daughter’s cut out that I will share soon!

And the big news is, that the patterns are available in a bundle of all 4 patterns, and it’s only $18!!!!! That is the biggest bundle discount they have ever done, 50% off, and the bundle option will only be available during the release sale, which means you need to get it before June 2nd! I think this is such a fun set, and my husband and brothers love when I sew for them, so I will be making lots of Dylan Tees for them!

Family Bundle (best deal!!)


Mama Vivienne


Men’s Dylan

Fabric sources:

All the fabric was from my stash, so I might not be able to list all of it! I remember the prints, but I think the grey solids were from the flat fold table at Hancock (still sad they closed 😦 ) And I am not sure on the content. They are very drapey, probably a rayon blend.

White floral: rayon spandex from Girl Charlee

Grey/white/blue long sleeve Dylan tee: completely up cycled from my husband’s old clothes.

Grey/navy stripes: cotton spandex from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Vintage airplane side panel fabric: rib knit from a destash page

blue/grey 100% cotton jersey on the men’s Dylan tee: Needle Nook Fabrics