RCF Swim Party!

Spring has sprung, and that means time to start sewing swim, so I can fit in everything I’m going to want to make before the season is over. Believe me, I will still be sewing, probably the last week they can use it, but then hopefully those will hold over till next year too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sewing swim is one of my favorite things to make!

Wanna know why? I’m sure I can think of a few reasons…

First, it doesn’t take much fabric. I made these three suits with 1 yard of print, and 1/2 yard of the navy solid. I don’t know how much is left, but a substantial scrap I can maybe use in some color blocking later! WOW!

Second, it’s satisfying. There’s not much worse than an ill-fitting swimsuit, and making a pattern that fits, and you are comfortable in, or your kids are comfortable in, is such a good feeling.

Third, I don’t pre-wash or iron swim very often. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a pressing addict, and press literally everything I sew, while I’m sewing it, and multiple presses and steams after, but swim…meh. The negative ease means the seams look good once it’s on! And because swim is a synthetic substrate, and I know RCF has clean printing processes, I don’t feel the need to pre-wash swim. I haven’t regretted it yet, and I’m years into sewing multiple suits a year! Sew, you can skip a step or two, if that’s your style.

Fourth, swim prints are so fun! There’s so many fresh, vibrant colors available, and it’s often a wardrobe piece people feel like they can break outside of the mold with. Why not?

Fifth, matching family suits!!! I think it’s sew much fun to match or coordinate, and I know there’s places you could buy them, but when you have all sizes from baby to toddler to kid, tween, teen, and adult, it might not be the easiest to find them, and I already mentioned the fit issue above!

So whether you’ve never, or your addicted, or you’re somewhere in between, I think you should sew some swim with me this summer!

I’m sharing my suits made with new prints from Raspberry Creek Fabrics on their Suit Up for Summer blog tour, which is SO full of tips, tricks, and inspiration! I’m reading through all the posts, and enjoying every one.

RCF just launched their 2022 swim collection, which has SEVENTY FOUR new prints, all available on either swim (82/18 matte poly/spandex) or woven board short fabric. Did I mention matching family swim suits?

My middle daughter definitively chose this print as her favorite out of all 74, and I was surprised, but always happy to be challenged with something I wouldn’t have chosen myself, and I have to say, it turned out really great for all three girls! My oldest chose navy as the coordinate, and the baby doesn’t care ๐Ÿ™‚

The Styla Makena pattern was her choice of patterns, after looking through MANY options, and since she’s not really quite in women’s sizing, I had to make some adjustments, and it would have been better if I’d have made a muslin, but that’s not usually how I roll. I raised the neckline by 1.” The tutorial includes directions for that, and shortened for her girth in the spot marked on the pattern pieces, but it would have turned out better if I would have removed some length in the neck/arm section, some in the trunk, and maybe a bit at the hip, instead of all in one spot. Because of how I made the adjustments, the bust detail hits a little low. But I don’t think it’s the end of the world!

My oldest got a pair of navy Hello Sailor swim bottoms, which is both of our favorite for her! She’s worn these several summers, and I love how quick the most basic option comes together, and fits perfectly! I made an adjustment for her height, but otherwise, it’s exactly as designed!

I was starting to ration fabric so I could get suits for all three girls out of one yard, and the Hepburn top popped into my mind as a good option that didn’t take a lot of fabric, while still giving her comfortable coverage. It isn’t designed for swim, but it does include this tank version, and I just made a couple of additions so it would work for swim! I cut a lining for the front bodice only, added cups into the lining, underbust elastic, and a line of elastic around the bottom hem as well. My tip for adding cups, is to put your suit on inside out, after you’ve sewn the lining and the main, hold the cups up where they fit best on you, trace around them with a washable marker, or Frixion pen, and then you know exactly where to stitch them on!

For the baby, I used Monaco from Little Lizard King. There’s a lot of really cute options, but the simplest one piece was so cute and stylish, and I love it for her! Ignore the diaper sticking out, someone wasn’t in the mood for posing, and we were fighting just to keep her in front of the camera, no tweaks or wardrobe adjustments allowed. Ha!

Here’s the first three suits of summer, and I’m so honored to be sharing them on this blog tour! Please go read through some other posts, all of them if you have time. There’s some golden ideas out there. Plus, follow along in the RCF FB group, and on their instagram for giveaways!

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