My First Christmas Jammies!

We don’t really wear pajamas. Hahaha! My kid usually choose to put on their nicest clothes after showers and baths, and then they wear the stained, comfortable stuff out of the house. I don’t get it?

So, I’ve never wanted to sew pajamas. A thing we never wear, and no one ever sees-until I take photos for the blog! Lol!

But I’m part of the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Holiday Blog Tour, and they talked me into it! They’re sharing the inspiration for ALL kinds of holiday makes. You have to go check it out. And pop over to their Instagram account for daily giveaways!

Now, let me share what I made. I used Sew A Little Seam’s Movie Night pattern (free!) for the plaid set. The fit is perfect, and I might be converted to making a set or two of these every now and then, because it’s so quick, and because kids in pajamas is the cutest!

For my daughter, I sewed up Lowland Kids Raglan Romper. I’ve made this before for day wear, but I think the white background, and white cuffs helps it read like pajamas.

I think these two prints are just perfect for each other! I haven’t taken pictures of a baby and a toddler together, and IT WAS A PROJECT! No one listens, they both move constantly! It was a lesson in doing new things, sometimes, to remind yourself to not get stagnant in your skills. But overall, this project was a win, and I’m not mad about having the most adorable Christmas jammies for them to wear all December long!

Go shop RCF for all your holiday sewing needs!