Jalie Victor+Ben

We had the best summer of our lives this year. Coming off of a year where so many things were closed, and we also were moving , plus getting ready to have a baby last year…we didn’t do much relaxing and enjoying. We tried to make up for it this year, but not with anything grand, just the basics. And a big part of that was a lot of water play. Days at the pool, mornings at the splash pad, afternoons with sprinklers and popsicles. It doesn’t hurt that sewing swim is my favorite!

I got to sew up some patterns from this year’s collection from Jalie, which JUST DROPPED THIS WEEK! Today I’m sharing Victor (board shorts), and Ben (tank). I couldn’t get my mind off this look, and so I created matching sets for my three boys!

I just love a solid, and I’m using a bunch here! These are three different solid board short fabrics from The Fabric Fairy, along with two solid colors of rib from her shop.

Light Blue board short

Spearamint board short

Classic red board short

Dark navy rib

Creamy white rib

Natural cotton drawstring

Check out these fun brother pics, and go peruse the newest patterns from Jalie. Two of my favorite things about Jalie, are an automatic discount when you buy 3 or more patterns. I can ALWAYS find at least three more that I need, and the thumbnail that shows on the first page of your pattern, where the sizes disappear as you turn off the layers, so it’s easy to see just what pages you need! They also expanded to add more sizing, so the fantastic value just got better!

Thank you for reading!

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