Zero Waste – Thread Faction

Zero Waste garments. This is the coolest. If you read about Liz’s inspiration behind this project, it’s to create garments out of rectangles, but without the excess fabric bulk that’s often left when creating garments out of simple shapes. And I think the results of her work is genius! I was so excited to get a chance to sew one up and share it with you!

This jumpsuit is 2 rectangles, but it’s such a smart, comfortable fit! I did mash 2 sizes, a 5 width, and a 7 length, which was simple to do. As a bonus, and in the zero waste theme, I used an old tablecloth I had bought on the clearance rack for my son’s birthday many years ago. It felt right to repurpose something for a second life with this pattern.

I love the vibes of this look, and want to sew the joggers from the collection next! You can use woven, or a stable knit. The options are so endless for this.

I have a copy of this pattern collection to give away! Come follow me on Instagram at @itsliesel and then leave me a comment here that you did! ❤

Here’s the rest of the blog tour that I will be eagerly eyeing all week!

04/06 – Thread Faction Studio Blog, Wattle & Slate on Instagram,

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