A Pantone Party

I have followed the Pantone colors of the year for as long as I can remember/as long as I’ve known about them. Color is my favorite. I really don’t have a favorite ONE color. If you ask me, I’ll immediately think red or blue, because those both cover a million shades that people might think of, and that feels closest to accurate, if I have to pick one color. “The rainbow” is a better answer, and one I sometimes give. But we’re here today to talk about Ultimate Grey, and Illuminating (yellow), the Pantone colors of the year 2021.

Yellow is bright, bold, confident, sunny, and a color that I’ve gotten the most compliments when wearing. Which makes it a favorite too 🙂

Project Run & Play is hosting a fun Pantone Party, where all the things are made with the Pantone colors of the year, and it’s a treat!

I was sponsored by Fabricworm, and they sent me this beautiful Birch organic cotton woven fabric in marigold! So gorgeous. It’s crisp and soft, and I love that it’s organic.

The Odeline is from the PRP shop, and while it’s been in my downloads for a while, I’m glad it waited for me to sew it up for this. The classic silhouette makes the color yellow the clear star, while being designed well enough to shine for itself too. This is the most basic of options, and striking on it’s own, though you have plenty of other looks to choose from with this pattern!

Pop over to Project Run & Play to see who else has been sewing, lots of inspiration, fabric shops you’re going to want to check out, a sew-along, and giveaway!!

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