Project Lounge Library

Sewing for my season of Project Run & Play still holds the top spot for favorite sewing things I’ve done. It came after a season of LOTS of testing, and some promoting, which is mainly sewing ugly fabric, to perfect the fit, and then hurriedly sewing something in nice fabric to take photos of for promotional purposes. I loved it. I still love it, but it was wearing me thin. I got to sew WHATEVER I WANTED, MODIFIED HOWVER I WANTED, and I had a good reason to say no to tests that summer. It was something I needed, personally, and I’m so grateful to be asked to be on that season!

Since then, Project Run and Play has opened a pattern shop featuring patterns by all the designers that have competed, and has started releasing collections of patterns periodically, complete with a theme, and Look Book. And that’s where we are today.

Lounge Library is the theme, and I had no problem deciding on a book to use for my inspiration. The Story of Ferdinand was one of my childhood favorites. I loved the story, but I loved the artwork more. It’s still one I love reading to my own kids, and I still pore over the illustrations every time.

The pattern collection includes 11 patterns, with something for everyone! I sewed 2 patterns from it. The Story dress spoke to me, with the balloon sleeves. I thought it gave a nod to the flamboyant fashion of the bullfighters. Of course it had to be red. There are only three color options I could use, red, black, and white.

I made it out of cotton spandex French terry that I had bought a few years ago from Raspberry Creek Fabrics to make a jacket for my son, and didn’t actually have enough, but HOW PROVIDENT that I ordered a French terry scrap pack from RCF, and it had a 2/3 yard piece of red French terry, which was exactly enough to make the dress! She has worn this so many times in the few weeks it’s been made, and will definitely be a pattern going into the regular rotation.

I couldn’t represent Ferdinand without flowers, and this black and white floral print could not have been any more perfect. I’ve actually had this in my stash for several years. It came in a knit fix from Girl Charlee, and it’s fairly stiff, without much stretch, so I’ve just been holding onto it waiting for the right pattern/inspiration combo to hit, and I’m so glad I had it for this!

The patterns my oldest are wearing are actually a set, the Nini Noni Nightwear set, and it comes with several top options, shorts, and pants options, and a nightgown option! When I saw the color blocking option on the top, I immediately wanted to make it into a regular shirt for my daughter. The lace seemed appropriately fancy for the fashions represented in the book, and the black is bamboo spandex from Pretty Posh Prints. I think this pattern set is SO versatile, it doesn’t even have to be jammies!

I had no bullring to take photos in, but I think this dusty baseball diamond that the kids like to play games at with the neighborhood kids gives fits the inspiration a little bit 🙂 It was the WINDIEST the afternoon we took pictures, so we only came out with a few where their hair wasn’t plastered to their faces. But we all love these looks!

I hope you’ll take some time to go check out the Look Book. I love seeing everyone’s versions of the same patterns. I guarantee you’ll come away inspired!

I have one pattern from the new collection to give away! Just go follow Project Run & Play on instagram, come back here and comment that you’re following, and you’ll be entered! Giveaway open for 24 hours!

3 thoughts on “Project Lounge Library”

  1. I love that book! And I love your creative interpretation of it, especially the red dress! This makes me want to pull out some other beloved classics and try my own hand at making inspired clothes… (also, I’m following @projectrunandplay)


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