A Plaid Sofiona

So, Sofiona. This pattern company is known for their fine-tuned details. From the design to the drafting to the testing to the launch. Nothing escapes calculation. And what does that get you? Unique patterns in the sizes you need that will fit, and you and your daughters will love! (Or sons, because I’ve actually used their robe pattern for my boys too!)

I am happy to also call them friends, and loved making this set in a PLAID theme for the fall season.

These top patterns were designed to work together, though I’ve never made them together, until now! The Tide top/dress pattern is a halter with a circle skirt, or half circle skirt, but I went full circle, because, better! I am SUPER proud of my pattern matching on the back of this. I mean, I can see the flaws, but it turned out as good as I could have hoped! Best of all, we didn’t try any of this on until we went out to take pictures, and of course, it’s a perfect fit!

Tundra is one I’ve made a few times. I love an easy to wear piece, and this definitely fits my style. However, this is no sloppily drafted dolman. Every piece fits together perfectly, and gives the perfectly fitted finish! The crop length hits just right to throw on on top of a dress or tee for an extra layer in the fall.

I made a basic pair of Rocky Shore tights in basic black to finish up the outfit. Wouldn’t you know she hasn’t taken them off, and requested 1 or 2 more pairs in black, so she would never have to be without a clean pair. LOL! You know the pattern is a good one when they love the fit and feel enough to request exact duplicates!

I hope you love my plaid pattern mixing! I’m so happy with how this turned out! My daughter still has on the leggings and crop sweater, she’s just exchanged the halter for a comfy grey graphic tee, and it’s the perfect home outfit, too. Go check out all of their amazing designs, and plan something fun and comfy for your next sew!

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