Friday Dress

I have a story to tell.

My 10 year old is the pickiest. She has loved shoes since she was 5 months old, and has loved clothes almost as long. It’s not a joke. Her favorite “toy” was the shoes from the shoe basket she would dump out, and play with happily.

She’s had quite the sense of “style” over the years, notably, often wearing two completely different shoes on her feet, and breaking the rules of mixing patterns before she learned the rules.

Now that she’s 10, she’s had time to hone her taste, and is particular about a lot of things. She hates polka dots. She hated ruffles first though, and there are too many other things to name here. But she does love clothes, and has specific tastes in all the aspects of a design!

So, I still like to sew things I like for her anyway (BIG GRIN), because creating kids fashion is my happy place. I know some of the main things to stay away from, but I also know that she loves a lot more things than she thinks she does, because she can’t always see the vision, until something is complete.

The Friday Dress is one of those things I like. I’ve admired this pattern since it first released, and have thought about making it so many times, but I tend to go for things that I can whip up without thinking, and that only take 30 minutes or less, because, 5 kids, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, life, etc… take up all of my time.

Signing up for a blog tour with the Friday Dress on it, though, is just the excuse I needed to force myself to sew it. I didn’t ask my daughter first. I also didn’t tell her I was sewing it, I also chose the fabric myself. She saw it when I was almost done, and checked out the line drawing that was on the last page of instructions I had printed out by the sewing machine. I figured she wouldn’t like it much, it’s not a style I normally sew her, and wovens aren’t at the TOP of her list of favorite things. Oh well, I’ll get the photos, and the dress will get passed on.

At bedtime that same day, she told me she left a note for me, which I went to read after she was in bed.

My shocked/happy heart! She hadn’t even tried it on yet!

We took photos the next morning, and she’s not taken it off since. All this to say, if you’re doubting anything about the Friday Dress, don’t. There’s some kind of magic in it! Plus, it’s on sale, which is another reason to get it now!

We’re celebrating 10 new patterns in the Project Run & Play shop, and they’re a bunch of good ones! They’re on sale, and the blog tour inspiration will give you more patterns to add to your list!

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