My Favorite Things

I’ve loved being on the Raspberry Creek Fabrics promo team for the last two years. I’m a frugal fabric shopper, and I eyed the fabrics from Raspberry Creek for a long time before I jumped in. You know, paying shipping and all. But locally there’s never as much good knits, and when I made my first order, I was hooked.

I get to share a few of my favorite things today, and RCF is certainly one of them. I chose a custom double brushed poly print to sew. I love that RCF offers customs at non-custom prices. You seriously can’t beat it. I love that they print them in-house in the USA. I love that they use a process that is safer, and eliminates TONS of water usage. I don’t see a downside.

The prints are designed by lots of people, and they’ve held design-a-line contests a few times, so even you could be a designer with your prints in the RCF shop!

Then I had to choose a pattern. Even with all my favorite companies, and patterns, every time I tried to make a decision to sew something else, I felt like I was not being true to the one pattern I’ve made the most over the last couple of years! It’s the Rosie top from See Kate Sew. I’ve made a bunch. The first time was because it was cute. Then every time after that was because my daughter kept requesting it, and because it’s so stupid easy to make!

It takes 6 pages to print out the whole thing. It’s 3 pattern pieces. You just fold the neck and sleeves under to hem. And it’s so easy to wear, and adorable on.

My daughter has grown out of the biggest size of this pattern, but I keep extending it a little to make it work for her. There is a women’s version, but I don’t think she’s ready for it yet.

The third thing I get to feature is a favorite tool. There’s not really a way to choose, but I cannot sew without my iron. I think it’s the one tool that takes your garment from home-made to professional in minutes! I was going to do a photo before and after ironing, but muscle memory kicked in, and I ironed the whole way through sewing, and as I was giving it a final press, I did a face palm. Lol! So you just get to see it all crisp and finished.

I’ve owned this iron since I got it for my wedding. I picked up a couple Rowenta’s at garage sales, but they didn’t stop leaking, and seemed to not press as well, so I went back to this. It’s hot. It presses well. The buttons are easy to press. It doesn’t leak. It steams well. It’s a great price. If you’re in the market, I recommend it!

Now go check out the rest of the stops on the tour! The inspiration is good with everyone sharing about their favorite things.

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