Raspberry Creek Fabrics swim + Jalie, Lowland Kids, and Patterns for Pirates!

Yay summer!! I’m back on one of my favorite recurring blog tours! The RCF swim tour!!

Sewing swimsuits is one of my favorite things, and RCF swim fabric makes it just a little better. It’s thick, not too slippery, and they come up with so many great prints every season!

Here’s a fun challenge. You can choose up to 2 yards total from all the RCF swim prints, basic prints, and solids, and sew up some swimwear for your family! What would you make? That’s the dilemma I sit with every time this tour comes around 🙂

Here’s where I ended up! You’ll notice I have 4 different prints/solids, which means, I was working with a half yard of each! Sweet!

My younger daughter got a suit from Jalie out of pattern 3350. She chose the view, and the fabric. This is the Tropical Floral print, and I love the colors so much! I think this would make super cool board shorts too.

My older daughter got a suit from Patterns for Pirates Siren swim top, and Hello Sailor bottoms. The fit on this is amazing, I love how P4P fits me, and it fits my kids great too! Her fabric is the light blue solid, and Multi Stripe print, which I think look so good together, and also good with the tropical floral too! I can’t wait for actual summer weather, so we can take these out for some action!

I picked my 5 year old to make a suit from the board short material, because I had half a yard, lol! This is the Swim Boardies from Lowland Kids, and they’re so freaking cute! He wore these all day after we took photos, and is wearing them again right now. No water needed. These are the surf boards on board short.

One of the best parts of a blog tour is scouting all the inspiration from the other bloggers, and I love going at the end, so everyone else’s links are live! Plus, there’s sale info below too 🙂







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