Isn’t that just a lovely name to start? Might partly be because that’s one of my top favorite colors, but I just love it!

The Indigo is the latest release from Jennuine Design, designed for a Project Run and Play collaboration, and it’s about as jam packed full of options as possible! I’m showing you 2 versions, but included is a top, dress, pants romper, baby romper, bummies, crop top, sleeve options, and every combination in between that you can think of! Plus, it starts at size Newborn!

I made a top version in a rayon blend fabric. I found this in the pre-cut section of Wal-Mart, so I don’t have exact content, but it’s perfectly drapey, and I thought it was perfect for these sleeves, and a gathered version of the skirt.

It’s unhemmed, because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to or not. Fun fact, I don’t mind hemming at all! I took pictures and might decide to hem later, but it’s hanging nicely now!

The dress option is so so so comfy. My daughter loves that I added pockets to this one! I used a double knit on this, so it’s going to be sturdy and warm for colder temperatures.

The back V-neckline is a nice detail. My tip for sewing these, with a sharp point is to stitch with a straight stitch, and short stitch length about 1.5 inches from the bottom down to the point, pivot, and stitch back up the same amount. Then switch over to the serger and serge around the rest of the neckline. I much prefer the serger over a stretch stitch on necklines like these, and this is the best of both worlds!

You can find this pattern in her shop, along with many other unique designs for all kids of all ages!

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