Deer Creek

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Do you dress up for Thanksgiving? Or wear the most comfy thing you can find to properly lounge in after you’ve stuffed yourself?

I’m kind of in the middle, but I think this dress is the cutest option if you want to dress up for the feasting day! Knit, elastic waist, but still great design details. I love the hem!

This is the Deer Creek tunic and dress from New Horizons. I absolutely love that the sizing for the girls version goes up to 16. My tween can fit into it better than me adjusting the women’s smaller sizes to fit her. Anything that makes it easy to fit a growing body!

I used an old cut of fabric that I’ve been hoarding. This came in a Knit Fix from Girl Charlee. The Knit Fixes are not around anymore in their original form, but those mystery bags were what fed the flame of my sewing passion, and helped me learn about all different types of knits, which was such a valuable addition to my skillset!

The Deer Creek comes in women’s also, and I think it’s such a great design for all ages. I got this long sleeve dress out of a 2 yard cut, and have a very substantial “Scrap” left over, so it’s not fabric hog at all!

Grab your Deer Creek pattern now, and some of that fabric you’ve been saving and get sewing. It looks better on you, than on the shelf! ❤

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