Marty Hoodie


Do you guys know about One Thimble? It’s a pattern e-zine based out of Australia. When it started, it came out quarterly with about 10 patterns, and a LOT of high quality articles! I really enjoyed purchasing and reading it, as it was an amazing value, and if I loved or would use at least 2-3 of the patterns in it, it would be worth it! They took a hiatus, and just came back with a new, smaller, and cheaper format! Now they’re including a couple of new patterns, and a few hacks to older patterns. I’m happy they’re back, and still loving it!

I reached into the archives of One Thimble, looking for something to sew with this sweatshirt fleece I had from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I like looking for something I’ve never sewn before, and the Marty Hoodie seemed perfect! I needed something with a good amount of ease, since the fabric doesn’t have much horizontal stretch. The Marty Hoodie comes in tunic or dress lengths, but it would be pretty simple to alter the length.


I love this pocket. There’s also a patch pocket option, but this was so fun. And easy to sew!

My girlie LOVED this fabric from the day she saw it. I was scrolling through the new releases a few weeks ago when Raspberry Creek put out these new prints, and she immediately begged for this one! I knew I had to get it, and make her something. She lives in hoodies and jeans, so I know I’ll be seeing a lot of this one. I paired it with the Ivory cotton jersey.


If you want to check out One Thimble, you can still buy all the past issues, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! The Marty Hoodie is in issue 11.

This sweatshirt fleece is literally the softest thing you’ve ever felt! I know it’s going to be warm to wear, and it was so easy to sew with! You’ll want to make sure you follow the stretch percentage a pattern calls for, since this doesn’t have much stretch, but it has enough to be comfortable to move in. Go check out all the new prints on this base. I’m super in love with the polka dots, and planes. They might be on my next order!

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