Back 2 School

Summer is over as quickly as it started. We spent hot days inside with friends, and the cool days earlier, outside with friends 🙂 It was a good, full summer.

My sewing groups have been full of back to school sewing and inspiration for at least a month, and I love it! I love seeing the fancy first day of school dresses, and all the practical capsule wardrobe ideas. I’m all about all of it!

Which I why, for this Back to school blog tour, I sewed pajamas. Haha!


My kiddos don’t have to leave home for their school day, and I thought a play on the old joke that homeschoolers do school in their pajamas would be perfect.

And, I mean, even if you go to public or private school, you do need to sleep well to succeed, so pajamas are appropriate even then!

I sewed up the Rad Patterns Long John Jammers for ALL of my kids! My oldest fits in XXS in the women’s sizing, but the other 4 pairs are from the kids pattern.

I’ve owned the women’s for a long time, even printing them out for myself, but somehow never made one. And the kids pattern is new to me. I think these turned out so well. I’m impressed that the whole size range fits well, based on measurements. Sometimes it can be a little scary to cut out so many things from one pattern, without a trial run first, but these are all just right.


So go sew some back to school clothes, maybe some pajamas too, and check out these other fantastic bloggers on the tour, and enter the GIVEAWAY!

10% off all patterns from DIBY Club with code: B2Sblogtour (expires Aug 25, 2019)
2 patterns of choice from DIBY Club (bundles excluded)
 2 patterns of choice from Rad Patterns
2 patterns of choice from Paisley Roots
1 pattern of choice from Sisboom
1 pattern of choice from Little Lizard King



1 pattern of choice from Titchy Threads

1 pattern of choice from New Horizons Designs




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