Schooner Two Ways

Well, apparently I took July off the old blog. Wow! I’m telling you, that month literally FLEW by. And I didn’t even have anything major going on!

These five kids of mine, though, they’re keeping me busy, and it’s all the best.

I got to sew the Schooner top for my summer installment on the Certified Jennuine Design team. I don’t know what’s taken me so long to get this pattern and make it! I’ve eyeballed it so hard ever since it came out! If you’re like me, and you also haven’t made one, get it now, you won’t regret it!


Like I do, I wanted to make it my own. I often use Pinspiration when I’m sewing, and this time was no different. I love the shirt in this image, and knew I could make a good dupe with the Schooner pattern. It certainly isn’t the same, but the best part of being inspired is you get to put some of YOURSELF into it. There is no other YOU on this planet, and you’re valuable just because of that!

I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know how to make patterns, I have never had any desire to learn, I just take what the experts give me, and sometimes try to tweak, and see how it turns out! I want you to have confidence to cut into your patterns too, to try to make them your own. As I type, my daughter hasn’t actually tried on the finished product 🙂 So I don’t even know how this hack turned out! It does look pretty on the hanger though!


The one thing I kind of wanted to keep from the inspiration image was the longer sleeves. This is how I did it. I cut into the ruffle portion from the top to almost the bottom, leaving an 1/8th of an inch or so, then I spread it apart 3″ at the top. I taped it into place with a scrap of paper, and trimmed it down to be a smooth angle. Then I added an inch to the outside edge of that, since I needed a deeper seam allowance.


For my layered look, I just cut two rectangles that were the exact same height as my modified ruffle by a few inches. You can decide what you think looks good.

To sew, make your shirt all the way until hemming the sleeves, per the tutorial. Then sew your extra rectangles into a loop, and slide them RST over your sleeve. Serge it on with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

To get the faux layer, fold your top ruffle under 3/4″ or so, and hem it in place, then hem your bottom layer 1/4″ or however far you like it.


I stitched on this pretty black lace to both layers. Boom! Inspiration achieved!


I also made a quick cotton Lycra version of the Schooner too, just straight from the pattern, so I could check sizing, and I had to add some trim to that sleeve as well! You can see the difference in the sleeves, both are beautiful! And see how the different fabrics make it hang.


Thank you for reading this post, I hope it inspired you to grab your favorite pin, and to recreate it in your style!

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