Jalie 2019!

I love the genius way that Jalie releases all their patterns for the year in one fell swoop, because it’s like getting 12 Christmas presents under the tree, and unwrapping them all at the same time!

At the same time, it also means that I have to wait patiently for Jalie Christmas all year, but it’s absolutely worth it!

I chose three of their new patterns to sew up, and I’m going to share them all in one post!

I wanted to remind you about the wishlist feature on the Jalie website. If you log in when you’re shopping, than you can jut click the little heart that pops up when you hover your mouse over a pattern, and it will be added to your wishlist. This makes it really handy to always have a second and third pattern to add to your cart whenever you’re shopping, so you can take advantage of the discount when you buy 3 or more patterns!

I’ll share them in the order I sewed them, and first up is Kate. Now you might go check out the listing to see what can actually be done with this pattern, because I made a basic black version, but it’s what my daughter needed for her ballet recital, and I love the extra subtle detail the seaming on the front and back bodice adds. The pattern doesn’t come with an elbow length sleeve, but I cut the sleeve piece on the lengthen/shorten line, and it came out like this!


Jalie has perfect fit every time. I graded between sizes for her chest, waist, hips, and height, and it stays in place perfectly! I used black cotton Lycra from Raspberry Creek Fabrics for this one.

Next I sewed Michelle. This pattern includes a tank blouse, and dress, but since my daughter is still on her no-dress kick, I made the top for her, and she wore it for days! This is a simple v-neck pull over woven tank. I love how easy it is to whip up, and how easy it is to wear. Everything hangs perfectly without constant adjusting. Made in rayon, it will be so cool for summer! This rayon challis is from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.


My third make was the cool color blocked Alice top! I love the triangle shape that’s created, and it would look just as cool in all one fabric, with just a seam detail!

This one I was able to get made out of some really old scraps of rayon and polyester. The red is a rayon that I picked up from the flat fold table at Hancock, when they were still around. I had used it to make a dress for a friend’s little girl, back in my earlier days of sewing. Before I really knew how to work with rayon, and before I had a serger. I am glad I saved the scrap, because it was perfect for this animal print poly from JoAnn that I had left over from a shirt I made myself!


I did not do the optional button closure in the back, and it goes over her head just fine!

Now go make your wishlist, and buy at least three to get started! All of these were quick to put together, and have the highest quality you know you can expect from Jalie ❤

#JalieKate #JalieMichelle #JalieAlice #MaVieEnJalie #JalieLife

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