I’m back again, twice in a row, with another Michael Miller Fabrics creation! This collaboration between Sewing Portfolios, and MMF has been so fun, and I’m absolutely in love with this creation from the Paradise Dreams collection!

The Sorrento from Little Lizard King was an instant classic. I bought it at release, and sewed it up almost as quickly. That almost never happens! And now I’m sewing it again! I absolutely love the design.


A good circle skirt is my favorite. A gathered circle skirt is even better, because there’s no such thing as too much twirl. The elastic waist gives this circle skirt a little bit of extra gather, and it’s perfect!


I guess these projects have a way of making me want to try something new, so I used the bias tape hemming method on this skirt. I don’t mind hemming a circle skirt, they go pretty easily, if you ease it in place all the way around, and I zip through them without any thought. But I love the extra dimension that’s added with a bias tape hem, and so I ordered a little bit of the yellow coordinate from this collection to make some bias tape to hem with.


I will say that it is an extra step or two than just hemming it, and I will probably keep hemming like normal for most projects. But I really love the look of this, and am glad to have this technique in my wheelhouse.


If you haven’t yet created your profile on Sewing Portfolios, go do it now! It’s a completely free way to open up the chance to collaborate or be hired by businesses in the sewing industry who are looking for people like you!



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