Daisy Ray


I have a new make to share with you, and the reason I get to share this today, is because of Sewing Portfolios! If you sew anything, you can get opportunities to collaborate, or find jobs with businesses in the sewing industry, because that’s the whole goal of Sewing Portfolios.

It’s a completely free service. All you do is set up your profile, add projects to it, which are things you’ve made, and photographed, and your work will be shared with businesses who are looking for creative talent!

As a Diamond Ambassador for Sewing Portfolios, I get to bring you new creations with Michael Miller Fabrics throughout the year.

This dress is the Daisy Ray, which is found in the 20th Issue of One Thimble, and designed by Ainslee Fox.



I consider myself an intermediate sewist/seamstress/whatever, but there are still a lot of skills I haven’t learned yet. This is the first time I have attempted to shirr. Normal me might have re-constructed the back panel to allow for several elastic casings, but I was feeling pretty adventurous, found a youtube tutorial or two to watch, and ordered 2 huge spools of elastic thread on Amazon!

Well. The first line stitched fine! The second was ok-ish. By now I was already wondering if I was supposed to have the fabric pulled straight, or if the subsequent rows were all supposed to be stitched over the gathers. None of the tutorials specifically mentioned that. My fabric gathered up pretty tight even with my first row. I loosely hand-wound the bobbin, but maybe I should have pulled it a little tighter?

Anyway, by the bottom of the bodice, it was clear that this wasn’t my best work. But I wanted to see how it looked finished, and if it fit. After trying the dress on, I realized I probably was supposed to pull the fabric straight as I stitched, and a couple of the rows unravelled. But I’m still showing it anyway. Maybe someone else will realize that it’s ok if your first attempt is far from perfect. Now that I’ve tried, and know what questions I have, my next one will be better, and I’ve taken the first step, which is often the hardest one.


I absolutely love the summery feel of this dress! The ties are cute and casual, and the full skirt, and elasticized bodice make it comfy to wear!


Michael Miller Fabrics is a dream to work with. From complete creative freedom, plus quality fabric, and designs, I am pinching myself that I have this opportunity! This print is from the Weekend Getaway collection.

I hope you’ll check out sewingportfolios.com and set up a profile, or update yours if you haven’t added any projects in a while. You never know what’s around the next corner!




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