Dublin Dolman

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I often overlook the more simple or basic patterns when I’m browsing a pattern website, because I figure I can make it myself, or I have something similar, but when it comes to what actually gets worn around here, it’s the simple work horses in the wardrobe, like a basic dolman pattern. BONUS: this thing sews up so incredibly fast!


This is the Dublin dolman from New Horizons Designs. Here’s a few reasons why you need this dolman pattern in your library:

-Size range from 6-12 months-16!!! My big girl isn’t even at the top size for height, and she’s a 5’2″ growing girl! I can still get tons of use out of this pattern, and if you have multiple kids you’re sewing for, a big size range is so valuable

-Options! You can make short, banded short, 3/4 or long sleeves. Top, high-low top, curved hem tunic, banded bottom, or tall banded bottom. Gathered front and back, neck band or binding. You could easily add a few inches and make it a dress length too! There are almost no end to the variations included in this pattern.

-New Horizons patterns are drafted well, and the tutorial is thorough, and clear. You won’t get frustrated making any of their patterns!

-It doesn’t take much fabric, and sews up super fast! You can stitch up a dolman in no time, because the sleeves attach quickly 🙂 I also like the comfy look of this style, so it’s a win win win!


My tween has a specific style, and while she doesn’t articulate it very well, I know what gets worn from her drawer, and what doesn’t, so I’m careful to sew what I know she’ll wear. This has gotten the official stamp of approval, because she kept it on after we took photos, and has worn it quite a bit since!


Now to start sewing up a stack of these for her to last through the whole summer!


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