Project Run & Play – Farmer’s Market


I’m a sucker for a deal, and I’m a sucker for getting a bunch of little things for a deal. Makes me feel like I’m getting even more! Opening my stocking was the best part of Christmas, because the fun just kept coming! I still opt for more over less, whether that’s the best way or not, it’s the way I like 🙂 This pattern collection was a collaboration by several previous PR&P designers, and it feels great, because you’re getting a bunch of things for an amazing value!

Please check out the look book if you haven’t yet. The talent is astounding, both in the pattern design, and the sewing, and the styling, and the photography… I could go on.

You’ll get 10 pdf patterns for boys and girls, and even more, i you consider that some have different versions included for boys and girls, some have jumpsuit and dress options, or top and dress options, etc… They are designed to mix and match well with each other to create wardrobes or capsule collections for your children.

I was able to test the Rosemary shirt, which is the first PR&P exclusive pattern from our fearless leader,  Audrey herself! I made it from a rayon, which had the perfect drape for this pattern, and my almost 11 year old has worn it several times, making it a real winner!


My intentions were to sew a few more of the patterns, and have a fun photoshoot, but I broke my toe, and had a teething 6 month old (4 teeth in 2 weeks!) plus multiple illnesses running through the family, and my best laid plans fell to the wayside.

I am excited to also share the Seed dress with you though! I absolutely love the shape of this dress. The way it blouses out at the back, above the waist, plus the pockets, make this an all around solid design in my book. This was the first pattern I’ve sewn from Sew Pony, though I’ve admired her style for a long time!


I got both of these fabrics from my local remnant shop, Faithful Remnants, and if you’re local, and you enjoy sewing, yarn crafts, vintage, etc… YOU HAVE TO GO. Let me know, and I’ll come with you, I love that little shop!

The Farmer’s Market patterns are available individually in the shop, or bundled for some steep savings.

Thank you for reading, now go shop!

1 thought on “Project Run & Play – Farmer’s Market”

  1. I adore your creations from this collection! And your Rosemary shirt is cover material, you know I think that!!! Plus the way you paired the green shoes with the Seed Dress has me shaking my head in admiration!


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