Raspberry Creek Fabrics-SWIM!

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Sewing swim is one of my favorite things. I’ve said that a few (thousand) times, but if you’re new here, you didn’t know that 🙂 Here’s why:

  1. It doesn’t take much fabric. I can still get a couple of suits for my girls out of 1 yard, and probably have some left over, and my girls are towards the top of the size range for kids patterns.
  2. There’s not much ironing involved. I love a good woven project, where I’m ironing more than I’m sewing, it is very satisfying, but it’s nice to just sit at the machine, and by the time you stand up, you have a finished project!
  3. One of the big reasons I sew is so my kids can have clothes that fit well, and swim wear really shows if it doesn’t fit. Any suits from the store are a BAD fit for my kids, who I’m grading 4 different sizes for, based on their chest, waist, hip, and trunk length!
  4. SWIMSUITS ARE CUTE! I mean, there’s so much inspiration out there, and I want to re-create them all!

Ok. That’s probably a good short list.

Raspberry Creek Fabrics puts out a new line of swim prints every year, along with coordinating colors of dots, stripes, gingham, and solids. They also print on board short fabric, and that’s certainly not as easy to find! They’re hosting this blog tour, and sent me 2 yards of fabric to sew up! I also got to choose from several pattern companies sponsoring the tour, and I’ll share about both of the ones I chose in a bit.

RCF swim is a good quality, thick fabric. It doesn’t roll when you’re working with it, and it wears well. Our suits from last summer are still going strong! There are several different mini collections of designs, but the colors coordinate throughout all, so if you want to mix it up, you can!

This was my first time working with board short fabric. I just jumped in, and found it pretty simple to work with. I chose the prints I loved, and got half a yard of each. My boys initially each chose the prints they’re wearing, but then my youngest decided he’d rather have the stripes, so I already ordered more of the stripes fabric, so he can match his brother this summer!


Confession: I own a lot of BOO! patterns, but I haven’t sewn any yet… oops! I knew if I signed up to sew one for this blog tour, it would make me get it done, and I am in love with the result! I knew I would be happy, because you can’t turn any direction in the pdf pattern world, without hearing how amazing BOO! swim patterns are, and now I can officially say, it’s all true! These are the Embrace Togs. I love the design of the back, and the fit is perfect. This was a pretty simple sew, also. I used the watercolor palm leaf print, and coral stripe print for this suit.

If you can’t tell from these photos, it was a RAINY day! A thunderstorm had just passed, and we decided we’d better grab some photos, since the forecast showed rain for the next three days! My daughter would request a photo shoot in the rain every time, I think, based on how much fun she had, even when it started sprinkling on us again!


For my boys, I wanted something quick to sew, because of the short-ish turn-around on time for this whole thing. I grabbed the Swashbuckler swim trunks from Patterns for Pirates. I love how quick and simple these were to make up! There are more options, including color blocking, a faux fly, and optional lining, but I just made the plainest version, and I know they’ll get lots of use this summer! I think I’d prefer them a couple inches shorter, but I just made the size they measured in the hip, I didn’t check height, so it may not be the designed length, if you make these yourself. I’ll just know for my boys, I’ll cut a little off next time.

How perfect are these prints! The birds are adorable, and the stripes are so fun! I already mentioned that I ordered more stripes, so I can make another pair at my son’s request, and I also grabbed some of the birds in swim knit 🙂


Now, go buy all the swim before I go get it myself. Just kidding! She’ll print on demand for a whole year, until the next line comes out, but for real, I couldn’t decide which prints to get, so I ordered a bunch, and I already want more 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Note: with a mix-up from their base fabric supplier, any prints on swim knit, that have a lot of navy are on PRE-ORDER, due to that color not printing correctly on the new knit. Listings that are affected are marked in the title.)

I love coming in at the end of a blog tour, because you get to see everyone else’s posts now, with no wait! Check out all the sponsors, because they have a discount for you this week!

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Boys can wear pink!

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I’m happy to be joining the fifth season of the Boys Can Wear Pink blog tour, as a first time contributor! I’ve followed it every time, and considered joining in the past, but didn’t put enough thought into it, and let it pass by. But I’m so excited to be here!

I knew my boys would be on board, because their favorite shirts are some that I color blocked with a pink floral last year. They still get worn all the time, months later!

I always have to know the why behind things, for better, or for worse, but the idea that some colors are exclusive to boys or girls has never made sense to me, and thankfully was not an issue to my parents either, as I remember more than one of my brothers who went through a pink phase. So I’m happy to continue the inclusivity, and let everyone enjoy the rainbow of colors God created!


I am honored to be on the Certified Jennuine Design team this year, and I am excited that this is my first post in this role, too! Jennuine Design is a pdf pattern company that has great designs, that are packed with value, with lots of options, and styles that work for boys and girls!

I’ve made the Skiff tee for boys and girls, and it works well on all sizes and ages, from the tiniest, to the biggest! This time, I sewed three different options, though this is not all that you can do with this pattern.

The color blocking option makes such a stylish look. My oldest got a classic grey, with two different shades. He also got some pink floral shorts, made from some cotton scraps I had picked up from my local remnant store.


My middle boy got a classic white tee, with a little home town pride vinyled on ❤ #wichitawesome


And little baby boy who just turned 6 months old got another color blocked version. This floral print is the one I used on my other boys’ shirts last year, and my husband also has a tee that’s color blocked with these fabrics, so now all 4 boys can be sporting the same look!


The Clipper shorts were new to me, but are a classic style that will get lots of use! These come in two length options, with plenty of other options to spruce them up. These are all pretty basic versions, but I did something slightly different with each one.

The smallest pair is the most simple, made out of a woven chambray. My oldest got another woven version, with front pockets added, and my middle is wearing a knit adaptation. These are designed for woven, but I wanted to use this pink French terry, so I gave it a shot, and it turned out great! He was right in-between sizes, so I sized up, though I probably could have gone down instead, since I was using knit, but that crossed my mind a little too late.


These are great wardrobe staples patterns, and my boys have the start of a spring wardrobe with them, now!

The Boys Can Wear Pink tour is wrapping up soon, so you can go back and look at all the other fun posts that have been happening this week:










Surf and Sand

Sewing swimwear is ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! Did I say that loudly enough? It’s the simplest, quickest thing to sew, and so satisfying! I think I especially love sewing, because ready to wear shows the fit issues so much more than other types of garments, and I love giving my kids a custom fit!

My link up for Project Run and Play is going to be an old sew, but represents what I love, and my style!

This is the peach Beach swimsuit pattern from Lil Luxe Collection. I loves sewing for both of my girls, and these photos are making me want to sew another set for them this summer! ❤




This is a two-fer post today! One, I wanted to make an outfit to link up to the Project Run and Play sew-along, and this is for the Patriotic Pride category, and two, this is a little sneak peek of something more coming next week! I can’t wait! 🙂 🙂


Wichita is pretty awesome. There’s a lot of city pride here. We have a colorful city, and I’m proud to be born and raised here, and have lived here for most of my adult life ❤

I love that there is always a fun place to be. Whether you want to find live music, art, or good food, there is always a place to go, and it’s always fun. This pink, green, bright outfit represented that for me, and my kids love repping their city.


I used the Skiff Tee from Jennuine Design, and the Clipper Shorts from her as well. These are both the most basic versions of the patterns, which are packed full of options! The shorts are designed for woven, but I tried it in a cotton French terry for ultimate comfort, and I’m pretty happy with the turn-out!