Aubrey-A Handmade Holiday


One of my favorite parts of being on Project Run & Play is the new community I feel closer to, and get to support! The PRP store has designs from contestants who designed a piece for, or used one of their patterns on their season of PRP. This month, they’re running a Handmade Holiday blog tour featuring these patterns!

My daughter looked through the shop, and chose the Aubrey dress from Modkid. I love it too. It’s a simple silhouette, with a little extra design detail that adds just the right amount of interest. The sizing was perfect.


There’s actually a pocket option designed into the front seams, but I opted to leave it out since the fabric I was using was textured, and thick, I didn’t want it to be too bulky.

The dress fits my daughter’s no fuss style perfectly. When she put it on, she was in awe of it, and wore it the rest of the day after photos, plus every other opportunity she had after that until I made her wash it!


This fabric is from Simply by Ti and is an AMAZING textured nylon spandex. It is so sturdy, and has super stretch! It feels like a good weight for this dress, and my daughter felt the quality as soon as she touched it. You have to check it out, and the other nylon spandex she has in the shop!


I hope you’ll look at the other stops on the Handmade Holiday tour, and create something yourself for this season, whether it’s fancy or casual, for yourself, or a gift, it’s always good to use the creativity we have to share more beauty with the world.

Handmade Holiday tour graphic

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