Raven Part 2


Hi! I’m back with another Raven before I’ve even posted anything else on my blog. Lol! I didn’t have to sew this up specifically for anything, so it’s my true love for this design that I’m sharing.

In all my versions, I had not made the top length yet, and I thought it would be perfect for this velvet. I’m on the promo team for Raspberry Creek Fabrics, and I get to sew up a 2 yard cut of their fabric once a quarter. I chose this velvet, because my oldest has been asking me to sew her a velvet dress for a LONG time. Apparently of all my velvet makes, none have been for her. I knew I couldn’t get a dress version out of 2 yards, and she’s been wanting a top version, so it seemed perfect.


This pattern is designed for woven, but I think it worked great with velvet! I made one big change, and did not line the yoke. So my seam on the bodice, where the ruffle is, is exposed. I thought the knit would be too thick to make it look nice, and it ended up just fine!


I needed to pick out some stitches from where I basted the ruffle on, but I forgot before pictures. If you’re looking closely, that’s what that is 🙂

I encourage you to join the Sofiona Designs Facebook group, and check out their shop! They are a new company that I am so excited to support, and watch them grow!



Fabric source:

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

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