Alpine Trousers+Summit Peak

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When we pulled out the winter clothes to switch out the summer clothes recently, my son was pretty upset that his favorite orange hoodie was too small, and I had passed it on to his little brother. There may have been tears, and he tried to put it on to show me he could still wear it, but I made a bargain that I would sew him a new orange hoodie with a motorcycle on it (like his old one) if he would let his brother have it.

I knew I had to deliver on this one, since it was replacing a favorite. I’ve made the Summit Peak hoodie from New Horizons before, but last time, it was the zip up version. This one is the hooded sweatshirt version. I was going to make it all orange, to match his last one, but then after seeing some inspirational color blocked versions, I decided to do that instead.


The vinyl design is from the Silhouette Design store. The orange sweatshirt fleece was from my local shop, Faithful Remnants. My FAVORITE place! You can’t beat the prices, and she always has fun new things. The other fabrics were all from my stash.

The pants are the Alpine Shorts and Trousers, also from New Horizons Designs. She does some amazing designs for boys, and the detail on the legs here is so unique! It would be fun to color block these, but I just used some black denim, from Wal-Mart, with some light grey denim faux piping to accentuate the seams.


These are a comfortable fit pant. Not baggy, but not slim. It’s a good balance for my son, who likes “flowy pants” and me, who prefers slimmer ones. He’s very comfortable in them.

They have side and back pockets, and an optional faux fly, but they’re a pull up pant or short. A really straightforward sew!


My son loves this whole outfit. I love the size range of the patterns, too, so I can keep making these for him for a LONG time.

Alpine Trousers

Summit Peak Hoodie


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