Red velvet Adelyn

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Holidays are here! I’m joining on the Simple Life Pattern Company Holiday blog tour, and the creations have all been STUNNING! I am getting ahead of myself, but I hope you’ll remember to go check them all out, the links are at the end of the post.

Harts Fabric sponsored my post again this year, and I was able to select this gorgeous floral velvet fabric from them. One thing Harts does really well, is special occasion fabric. I had no shortage of options, it was harder to narrow it down, and gain direct inspiration, but after choosing a few options, I asked my daughter, and she chose this one. It was the first one I had saved, so it was the right choice. Their customer service is amazing. I ordered the yardage I needed, and then the next morning, my phone rang, I picked it up, and it said, “Hart’s Fabric,” so I answered, (you know I would have let it go to voicemail if the name hadn’t popped up) and they let me know they were 3/4 of a yard short of my order. We worked out the details, and they changed the amount I had been charged, and she said it was shipping out that day. Sure enough, I got it in the mail VERY shortly! Excellent customer service! I also forgot to take a picture, but the fabric comes packaged and wrapped up beautifully. It’s a nice touch.


Since the fabric is so “extra,” I knew the pattern didn’t need to be loud. I used Adelyn, which I also used last year on the SLPCo Holiday blog tour, but this one is completely different! The silhouette is simple, and classic, and just what I wanted.

I made a few changes to the pattern. The biggest is the double circle skirt. I have never made one of these, surprisingly, since I love a good twirl, but I thought a red velvet holiday dress was the right place for it. Instead of one circle skirt, cut two. Then cut each of those on one of the folds, all the way from top to bottom. Sew those two pieces together at both seams, and then you’ll have your skirt. Sew two gathering stitches around the top edge, and gather it to fit you bodice. BAM. The twirliest.


To kick it up another notch, and since the velvet was a little heavy, and hung straighter than I wanted, I added horsehair braid to the hem. I’ve never used it before, but picked up a box for 90 or 95% off when the JoAnn in our local mall was closing to re-locate. I figured it was a fun notion to have on hand. I didn’t look up directions, I just winged it, and turns out I didn’t apply it quite correctly, but the result is just fine! It gives the hem a little more stiffness, and improves the silhouette to match my vision more closely.


The other change I made was the sleeves. In the Adelyn pattern, the top of the sleeve is gathered to create a little puff at the shoulder. My eight year old is NOT a fan, and she made it clear last time I sewed a pattern with a puff sleeve. She also doesn’t like ruffles anywhere, and even gives me the side-eye when she sees me sewing gathering stitches to attach a gathered skirt. So, I copied the armscye and top of a sleeve from another knit bodice, and used that instead.


I know she’ll wear this dress out, and probably long past the holidays. I am in love with it, and really loved being in the company of all the talented women that are sharing in this tour. Here’s the schedule:


November 5 – Kutti CoutureSLPCO Team

November 6 – Wonderfully HandmadeAmmon Lane

November 7 – Kainara StitchesIdle SunshinePearberry Lane

November 8 – Sew TwirlySew Sophie LynnBonnie and Blithe

November 9 – It’s LieselCandice Ayala

GIVEAWAY: You made it to the best part!!! Enter at the link below for a chance to win a $30 gift certificate to Harts and $50 shop credit to SLPco. Giveaway will run November 5th-November 19th at midnight CST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

SALE: Actually, maybe this is the best part!! Simple Life Pattern Company is having a site-wide sale, these don’t come along very often, so stock up on all the beautiful patterns you have been eyeing! Sale ends November 19th at midnight, CST. (excludes the new pattern-Betty)

Take 30% off with code: FallintoSLPco

6 thoughts on “Red velvet Adelyn”

  1. This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never made a double circle skirt either but you make it sound so easy and you can’t beat that twirl! I know my younger daughter would love it too. Such an amazing dress!


  2. I cannot tell you how much I love this entire ensemble! It’s really the perfect holiday print and dress! Great job Liesel!


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