Green Street


I think Lil Luxe Collection makes some of the best designs. She competed on the latest season of Project Run & Play, and WON! This is one of the designs she created on her season.

The Green Street top and dress is a simple skinny strap dress that pulls over the head easily with no closures. The whole pattern is finished beautifully with french seams everywhere.


The pleats make my non-ruffle loving girl a little happier, because she even side-eyes the gathers on skirts sometimes. Just making sure i’m not trying to put her in any ruffles. Haha!

There is a top length also, but dresses are usually easier for me because I don’t have to pick another piece to style it with. I let her choose the fabric for this one. I pulled out 8 or 10 pieces that I had enough of, and thought would work well for this pattern, and she loved this one. Good thing I do to. It was actually my #1 choice before I decided to let her choose. It came from a good friend who let me shop her grandma’s stash before opening up the estate sale to the public. ❤


There is a discount code you can use on this, and the other new pattern in the shop, the Siena skirt. I will be posting about that one soon. The discount code “NEWPATTERNS_Siena_GreenStreet” is good through next Tuesday, the 30th.

Green Street


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