Helena’s + Michael Miller Kashmir Gardens

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Hi! This is another post I get to do as a Diamond ambassador for Sewing Portfolios. I’ve been connected with Michael Miller fabrics, and I get to choose fabric from their new lines, with the only parameters being creating whatever I want. Sounds about perfect 🙂 And it is. If you sew anything, check out sewingportfolios.com, create your free profile, and it will open up the chance for you to collaborate with businesses in many different capacities.

This time, I brought my oldest down to look at the thumbnails of all the prints, and let her pick the one she wanted. I knew I needed to sew her dresses for winter, since she’s growing so fast. This was her favorite, it’s the aqua color way of the Kashmir Rose print from the Kashmir Gardens collection. This collection should be shipping now from any store that carries Michael Miller fabrics.

HappyElephant copy

I also let her choose the dress pattern. We looked at a few versions of this Helena’s dress from Simple Life Patterns, and she loved the 3/4 length sleeves, and shoulder flutters.


Instead of buttons and button holes down the front, I love using snaps, but when they’re on a nicer garment, or very visible, like this one, I like to cover them with fabric to match. It’s very simple. I actually used the four scraps that I trimmed off the top and bottom of the placket, and freehand cut a bunch of circles. I tried to grab one that matched the colors of the print where I was placing the snap. I use a glue stick to help the fabric hold onto the snap, fold the edges around the bottom of the snap, and then press it in place. It’s so easy, and gives a much nicer look.


Check out the things I’ve mentioned in this post:

Michael Miller Fabrics

Shop Kashmir Gardens

Sewing Portfolios

Simple Life Pattern Company

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