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I just shared something I made with this pink knit eyelet, and I sewed with it again for another project! I ordered 3 yards, when I bought it, I had these two projects in mind, and I think I have enough for something else small. I love its much! It’s a little washed out in these photos, for reference. This pattern is the girls Tawsha pattern from New Horizons. My oldest needs dresses so badly. Everything she puts on from last year, or even earlier this year is too short! And so I’ve been trying to build up her fall/winter wardrobe. But I’m a little worried even these won’t last long, because she’s growing so fast!


This dress has quite a few options, including a fun open back detail, and a shoulder accent that I want to try next. I kept it pretty simple with this version. I did not anticipate it looking like a nightgown when I imagined it in this fabric, but as I was sewing, I was a little worried. We decided if we style it right, it will look just fine! Since it is eyelet, I cut two of the front and back dress pieces. I lined just the main portions, not the sleeves, or the ruffle. I sewed with the main and lining as one piece, instead of letting the lining be separate, as I would have preferred, so there’s no chance of the lining riding up because of static, or anything.

I also modified the sleeves to be 3/4 length. The pattern includes short or long sleeves. I knew she would want to wear it right away, and it will still be pretty warm for a while. She can wear a sweater with it if she needs to when it’s colder.


She loves it, and chose the boots and necklace to wear with it for these pictures. I love getting photos of my girls as they’re growing. I look at pictures from just 1 or 2 years ago, and I am shocked how quickly they are growing. ❤


I think I say this every time, but I am so happy about the size range for New Horizons patterns. They go from 12-18months-16. I know I will be able to use these for a while longer with my kids, and I love the options that affords!

Fabric is from Raspberry Creek Fabric


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