Hi! I have a blog post that I am excited to share. It’s a little belated, but I love this so much, I don’t want it to never make it to the blog. I was able to participate on the inspiration team for a fun challenge with Misusu patterns! I love this company, because the designs are beautiful, and the size range is great! She doesn’t include the large size range in all her patterns, but I believe she will be expanding some of them to the wider size range soon. Plus, there are several really high quality free patterns! I’m talking about a full size range, and detailed designs!

The challenge was to show off the free patterns they have available, and I paired the free pattern I chose with one of their paid patterns, Lotte. Lotte is a top, tunic, or dress pattern, with optional pockets in the skirt, and an optional chest pocket. The neckline is bound, and though the bodice needs to be made from knit, you can bind the neckline with woven or knit binding. I used a package of store-bought bias tape, to make it simple.


The free pattern I chose is the felt flower design. The template comes in 2 sizes in the tutorial, with directions on scaling it larger or smaller, depending on what you’re putting it on.

The tutorial recommends using wool felt, and I knew I wanted to follow that advice, since the craft store felt pills up and falls apart more easily, and this will go through the wash. I ordered mine from Christmas Keepsakes on Etsy. I bought the 6″x6″ sample pack of 25 colors. You can choose your own colors, and I was able to select a few shades of each color I knew I wanted for this. That way I could  pair them up at home to my liking, plus have extra for the next project! The price was very reasonable, and she shipped quickly!


I asked my kids to each color a template however they wanted. It really brought fresh ideas to the project. I thought I was going to go with my design, and this would just make them feel like they were involved, but I ended up going with one of my daughter’s designs, changing up one or two colors!

It was a little tedious cutting out all the pieces. I just held the pattern onto the felt with one hand, cutting with the other, while I watched my youngest in the bath. I’m sure there’s a more efficient, easier way to do it, but it was a nice little project, and I just did it, since I couldn’t leave to putter around and find another way 🙂


Then you just place them on by hand. I followed the template exactly, or you can make your own design.  Pin them in place, and stitch them down on the sewing machine.

I love the finished piece! The only thing I would do differently next time I make this dress, is to use wash away hem tape on the bodice/skirt seam. The skirt is gathered knit, which is slightly more bulky, and the hem ended up wavy because it was hard to sew it neatly. But it’s a beautiful pattern, and I can’t wait to see it on!


The fabrics are both from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. The pink is a knit eyelet, and the white is their cotton spandex.


Check out Misusu patterns here, and join their facebook group here!

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