Back to School with Made for Mermaids!


I am joining this BTS blog tour to show off some of the millions of patterns Made for Mermaids has to offer! Well, maybe not millions, but if you put all the options from all of the patterns together, it probably equals a million! I love M4M patterns, and my girls do too. I’ve been sewing them for a few years now, so have accumulated most of them. The hard part was choosing what to sew!

We home school, so there isn’t any dress code we have to adhere to, but I knew this would be a good chance to sew something “nice/casual” that will work for times we need to dress up a bit. These will work great as separates too, paired with other pieces!


This is the Skipper skirt, with built in shorties, in cotton lycra, and the Kourtney knot top, 3/4 length sleeves, in top length, in rayon spandex. Both fabrics are from the Simply by Ti shop!

Skipper is one of my favorite styles. I’ve loved this style of skirt on my girls since they were tiny, and I love that now I can sew it for them in their sizes! It’s designed for knit or woven, and there are optional built in leggings you can add in any length. I always add them, because my girls wear shorts under skirts or dresses anyway, so this is one less step for them.


I knew we needed a top that wasn’t too flowy to go with the skirt, so I chose Kourtney. I did not add length for her height, since I knew I was sewing in rayon spandex, and since I didn’t want it to hang too long over this skirt. It fits exactly how I hoped! So, this is one size down from her height, in length. I chose this rayon spandex to sew something for myself, but I’ve been less and less eager to sew for myself and photograph it as my belly grows, and was super excited to see how great it looked with the orange cotton lycra I’ve been sitting on for a while!


Check out the rest of the blogs on the tour, the schedule is posted below! Thanks for reading!




Fabric: Simply by Ti

7 thoughts on “Back to School with Made for Mermaids!”

  1. Super cute. Love the fabric on that Kourtney and that’s a skirt I don’t own yet 😁 I hope you have a wonderful home school year, ours started this week!


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