Sk8 Skinnies


I am excited to be part of this blog tour, sharing all about the BRAND NEW Project Run & Play pdf pattern store! This is exciting, because it’s going to be designs from several different designers, but the patterns are all unique, because they were designed/developed by the designers while they were competing on PRP for one of their looks! There are 17 patterns in the store to start, but more will be added as quickly as they can be rounded up!

Since this is the grand opening, there is a month long blog tour to hi-light all the patterns, and each week focuses on a different category, and those patterns will also be on sale. I’m rounding out the Separates week, so check out the shop, and grab any of the separates patterns on sale! Sales won’t come around often.

I signed up to sew the Sk8 Skinnes for my 5 year old. I’m still trying to put out some boy clothes, since my boys were new clothing starved for a month while I was only sewing for the girls. Ha! And, I’ve never sewn jeans. I’ve made a few things similar, like a denim jacket, but this was my first time sewing actual jeans. However, I used the easier version, and made them pull on, with an elastic waist. My kids all prefer easy to wear, and comfortable, and I knew pull on would be a much better option for my son. I went and bought a denim needle, and top stitching thread for the first time!


This pattern comes in sizes 1-14, and is designed for stretch denim. They didn’t take that long to cut or sew, and since my son has kept them on since taking pictures, declaring them super comfy, I don’t think I’ll balk at making him more pairs! It was relaxing to do the topstitching. The most difficult part was deciding what to stitch on the back pocket. I shamelessly copied from a photo I found on Pinterest. It’s simple, but not standard.


I knew it wouldn’t really show too well once all stitched together, but I used some Spider-Man fabric for the lining of the pockets. My son knows it’s there, and it’s just a tiny bit cooler than regular jeans 🙂


These were designed by Suzanne Winter from Winter Wear Designs when she was on Season 6, and I’m so excited that I get to share my version of them!


The shop is linked in the photo below, and best of all, there’s a giveaway that’s simple to enter at the end of this post! Thank you for reading, and don’t miss the sale on separates in the PRP shop!

Shop Tour Graphic

6 thoughts on “Sk8 Skinnies”

  1. I love this outfit! I hadn’t thought to make jeans for my son. I don’t know why, lol! But he’s a stick that grows up and not out, so he totally needs mama made jeans! Love the color of fabric you used for them!


    1. Thank you! I didn’t have much choice of stretch denim where I was shopping, and this is the one my son wanted. I also thought I matched my top stitching thread better, but the contrast look is fun too 🙂


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