Circus! Project Run & Play – Week 1


I can’t believe Week 1 is here! Project Run & Play is all about sewing children’s clothes, and that is my favorite! We’re on Season 16, and I have followed so many past seasons, it feels a little surreal to be here, in it! This is a sewing competition hosted on the Project Run & Play blog, and readers will get to vote each week for their favorite look. There is a different theme for each week, and there is also a sew-along for anyone to join in! You can link up your children’s clothing creation in the theme of the week for a chance at some prizes!


My first idea was nothing like this. Haha! I immediately envisioned a dress for my daughter, and jeans, and a tank for my son, but after HOURS of searching the internet, and local shops for the fabric I pictured, and some time spent researching fabric painting and dying, AND, one mediocre purchase that was maybe a second best alternative, but didn’t live up to any expectations when it arrived, I completely changed my whole look. 🙂

I was looking for inspiration for my circus themed clothing at a little shop in my town, Faithful Remnants, and I found this cloud print. I knew right away I wanted to make the iconic picture of a big top tent against a blue sky into a dress. This muted print, and the muted red and white stripes became the perfect dress for my circus look! I used a bodice pattern from Simple Life Patterns, Felicity, and nipped it in at the waist some, so it wasn’t boxy. The ruffle around the collar is a little nod to a clown collar, and the shiny gold buttons are a tiny bit glam and over-the top.


The skirt I created to represent the voluminous tent. I added the extra ruffle at the top of the skirt, on the back, for a bustled look. The hair bow is yellow, for the sun, and made from fabric I let fray on the edges, lace, and fabric flowers. I didn’t know how my daughter would react to such a huge bow, but she was obsessed with it!


I decided to sew an outfit for my older daughter that would play on the costumes worn by the performers in a circus! Acrobats on horseback, magicians assistants, tightrope walkers! One of the few things that left an impression on me the time I went to the circus as a child, were the beautiful costumes the women wore.


This dress is a knit bodice, and woven skirt. Because the skirt wouldn’t have much stretch, I made the bodice slightly wider at the waist. The bodice is from Made for Mermaids Annabelle pattern. I used the black and ivory lace from Simply by Ti fabrics for the top layer. The skirt is a circle skirt, of three layers, plus the asymmetrical overlay. There are 2 layers of heavy tulle to make it stand out, and the lace overlay I cut while she was wearing the dress, so the points would land in the right place.


I knew it needed to be a little more extra, so I added 2 rows of black lace on the top layer of tulle, and flowers on the bodice. The gloves were hers, and she loved wearing them with this dress!


I hope you’ll head over to the week 1 post, see all the other looks, and vote for your favorite! The rest of the women I am competing with are amazing, and I know they have been sewing and planning hard for this!










4 thoughts on “Circus! Project Run & Play – Week 1”

  1. So good!!! I really love the idea of the sky and circus tent!!! It’s so pretty too! And those black gloves are really impressive!!!!


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