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DSC_9568 wm

This is the newest pattern from Made for Mermaids, and as usual, it’s amazing! This is Ainsley, it’s part of the collection that’s designed to mix and match with Riley, Brooklyn, and Cassie. If you put these patterns together, the options will be endless! I love that they’ve done this.

Ainsley looks like separates, but it’s all attached, so no shirt falling out of the waistband 🙂  The sleeve options are flutter sleeve, short, elbow, or long. The top of the sleeve is slightly puffed. There are optional pockets, an optional sash, and there is a blog post with a bib pattern piece if you want to add that to your bodice! I made one Ainsley as is, and then I mashed one with the Brooklyn bodice, and then I made a third Ainsley with the bib hack. (On this version, I used the pockets from the Quinn pattern, Ainsley does not specifically mash with Quinn.) I’m planning to use the Brooklyn skirt lengths to make a maxi version next. Sometimes a pattern just grabs you and makes you sew!

I kind of have picture overload today, but that’s what happens when you sew lots of versions! Check out the listing for more gorgeous photos inspiration on what can be done with this pattern!

DSC_9581 wmDSC_9589 wmDSC_9559 wmDSC_9578 wmDSC_9807 wmDSC_9803 wmDSC_9826 wmDSC_9789 wmDSC_9798 wmDSC_9794 wmDSC_0215 wmDSC_0190 wmDSC_0166 wmDSC_0161 wmDSC_0224 wm





Quinn (pockets only)

Fabric sources:

Grey cotton lycra: Needle Nook

Blue/White polka dot rayon spandex: Girl Charlee

White cotton lycra: Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Cream eyelet: Raspberry Creek Fabrics

All other fabrics used are hand-me downs from friends






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