Sew Back to School

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Well, here we are, in week 7 of school, and I’m posting a BTS blog post! I love that this season is being extended, because, maybe some of us don’t actually get anything new sewn before school starts. Maybe if I had sewn all their clothes, they would have been warm weather clothes, because that’s the time of year school starts here, or maybe I just like having inspiration spread out. My kids are home schooled, which means the school year means less sewing time for me, but I still made a few simple garments for them. Comfort is king for us. There are no dress codes to follow, or other kids to impress. We do school all over the house, at the table, on the floor, in our beds, outside. I knew the things my kids would want and need to wear would be comfy basics.

I immediately wanted to sew up the Jalie Nico raglan for my son. I am a huge fan of Jalie patterns, so I was excited to try this. I love that they include a HUGE size range. Like from 2 (toddler) to men’s plus sizes. All in one pattern. All of their patterns are like this. Go check them out now! You can purchase them with a small discount too, if you buy 3. So, I save up until I have 3 on my wishlist, then get them with a discount. The prices are in CAD, which also means it will be a bit cheaper if you’re in the US. Any way you look at it, it’s a great deal for high quality patterns.

For these raglans, I made them all long sleeve, since that’s what the weather will call for, for the bulk of the school year. I used fun prints I knew he would like, without straying too far from my preference to a RTW aesthetic. For the grey shirt, with dino print sleeves, he picked the neckband color out of my solid fabric choices. And the camp shirt is an epicycle from one of my husband’s old t-shirts. My son loves that. 🙂 Also, when your 4 year old is a professional model:

DSC_0748 wmDSC_0736 wmDSC_0763 wmDSC_0774 wmDSC_0778 wm

I also got to try a new-to-me designer. I’ve known of Petitboo for a long time. I actually looked long and hard at her Pepperberry dress once, when it was on a flash Friday sale. A LONG time ago. So I was excited to sew this up. Now, this pattern is FULL of options, straight hem, shirt-tail hem (I’m crushing on this look), high-low hem, sleeve length options, cowl neck, pockets, elastic, or shirred waist, ETC… And they’re all mix and match. I took a while to pick which view I wanted to sew, and I feel a little like I’m not showing the full range of the pattern well, but I knew I had to stick with what is the most “me.” So, I made the 3/4 length sleeve, high-low hem dress, with a neckband. This pattern is drafted well, the pattern came out TTS, and I love the clear directions, with clear pictures. I’m happy to recommend this pattern to anyone! I made it in this fun star print so she could have a dress that coordinated with her brother’s star sleeve raglan. These pictures are precious to me. My middle two are the two that fight the most, and to see them having fun together in pictures will remind me that they do love each other, underneath all the crazy.

DSC_0698 wmDSC_0724 wmDSC_0728 wmDSC_0693 (1) wmDSC_0691 wm

This Back to School blog tour is hosted by Ula Pohl, and Deb Zaleski, and there are tons of amazing outfits on the tour. You can look at the schedule, and see what everyone else has made! The sponsors for this tour have been very generous, and you can read about them here. The Pepperberry dress, and the Nico raglan patterns were provided to me from their respective companies for this blog tour.


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First, I’m going to say I can’t believe I’ve only made one of these tops. I absolutely love it. I wore it BEFORE I took these photos of it, which I never do, in case it’s somehow ruined while I’m wearing it. It’s fast to sew, the sleeve flounces are designed to be left un-hemmed, and there are a million options with all the mixing and matching you can do with this top! It’s the latest favorite, and I don’t think it will be moving from that spot for a while.

This is the Love Notions Forte pattern. It includes 2 necklines, scoop, or V-neck. Four shirt views, two dress views, and six sleeve options! So many options for mixing and matching.


I made view C, with the short flounce sleeves for this top. It’s a look I had been wanting to re-create, and I’m so happy to have a pattern for it.

This pattern is on sale for release. You will want to grab it now, and don’t wait to sew it up! It is flattering, fun to sew, and quick. Go scour your Pinterest boards, I’m sure you have something on there pinned that you can make with this pattern. It’s perfectly on trend. Some of the portions of this top can be made from woven too, if you have something with good drape! The bodice will need to be knit, but some of the skirt options should work in woven too!

DSC_0621 wmDSC_0673 wmDSC_0659 wm


Fabric sources:

Animal print double brushed poly: So Sew English


Brunch Blouse

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Who loves woven more than knit? I can’t ever decide. Every time I sew woven after I’ve been sewing a lot of knit, I think how wonderful it is, and then when I go back to knit after sewing woven for a while, I am like, why did I ever leave you? Ha. Anyway. I also can’t decide which I prefer to wear. Knit is the most comfortable, but then I put on a woven top like this, and think how it doesn’t cling to anything, and it’s actually pretty much as comfortable as my knits! Now you know a lot about me. #cantcommit #indecisive

So, this is the Brunch Blouse from Patterns for Pirates. It includes tank, cap sleeve, or short sleeve. It’s a dolman sleeve, so #fast and the back includes a seam down the middle for great shape, and easy swayback adjustments. It also includes optional waist ties, a henley placket, and dress lengths, so you really can make almost any look you imagine. There are a few great hacks on the blog for this as well!

DSC_0155 wm

I made this one out of voile, so it’s perfectly light, and comfortable. It’s a little easier to sew than rayon too, which is also one of my top fabrics of choice for apparel woven, so the dart was super easy to sew. This one is the cap sleeve option.

There is a mini version too, the Bitty Brunch Blouse, which I love! Also #alliterationismyfavorite 🙂 The style is so easy to wear, and perfect for all seasons. I think the dolman sleeve wears well under a layering piece like a cardigan. I did not make the final version of the Bitty Brunch Blouse, so I don’t have photos to share.

DSC_0081 wmDSC_0123 wm

Grab the patterns on sale through the weekend, or bundled for even more savings!

Brunch Blouse

Bitty Brunch Blouse

Brunch Blouse Bundle

Fabric sources:

Hobby Lobby



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DSC_9568 wm

This is the newest pattern from Made for Mermaids, and as usual, it’s amazing! This is Ainsley, it’s part of the collection that’s designed to mix and match with Riley, Brooklyn, and Cassie. If you put these patterns together, the options will be endless! I love that they’ve done this.

Ainsley looks like separates, but it’s all attached, so no shirt falling out of the waistband 🙂  The sleeve options are flutter sleeve, short, elbow, or long. The top of the sleeve is slightly puffed. There are optional pockets, an optional sash, and there is a blog post with a bib pattern piece if you want to add that to your bodice! I made one Ainsley as is, and then I mashed one with the Brooklyn bodice, and then I made a third Ainsley with the bib hack. (On this version, I used the pockets from the Quinn pattern, Ainsley does not specifically mash with Quinn.) I’m planning to use the Brooklyn skirt lengths to make a maxi version next. Sometimes a pattern just grabs you and makes you sew!

I kind of have picture overload today, but that’s what happens when you sew lots of versions! Check out the listing for more gorgeous photos inspiration on what can be done with this pattern!

DSC_9581 wmDSC_9589 wmDSC_9559 wmDSC_9578 wmDSC_9807 wmDSC_9803 wmDSC_9826 wmDSC_9789 wmDSC_9798 wmDSC_9794 wmDSC_0215 wmDSC_0190 wmDSC_0166 wmDSC_0161 wmDSC_0224 wm





Quinn (pockets only)

Fabric sources:

Grey cotton lycra: Needle Nook

Blue/White polka dot rayon spandex: Girl Charlee

White cotton lycra: Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Cream eyelet: Raspberry Creek Fabrics

All other fabrics used are hand-me downs from friends






Cora Culottes

DSC_9430 wm

The pattern I’m sharing today is a special one! Made for Mermaids has been celebrating some milestones, and wanted to release a special pattern for the party too! They have designed a pattern for girls culottes, Cora, and there is also the Mama Cora version too 🙂 A culotte is a split skirt, so you get the fun swingy-ness of a skirt, with some of the practicality of pants or shorts!

DSC_9446 wm

These are special because they’re on a super sale, for $3, and 100% of proceeds will be going to local Texas Hurricane Harvey relief charities. You can make a difference, and get a pattern! 

If you want to wait, there will be a special code for Made for Mermaids Pattern Group members starting October 1st. But through the month of September, they will be $3, to help support the needs of Texas.

DSC_9413 wm

There are three lengths included in the girls pattern, short, above the knee, and below the knee. Optional inseam pockets are also included. These are the quickest sew, and easy to wear!

I used double brushed poly for these, I’ve kind of been on a dbp kick for a bit, but it works so well for so many things! Rayon spandex will be a bit too clingy for these, and cotton lycra will be too stiff. The benefit of having a huge hoard means I always have the right fabric when I need it 🙂

DSC_9448 wmDSC_9412 wmDSC_9439 wm

Get your patterns here:


Mama Cora

Fabric sources:

Grey double brushed poly: Pretty Posh Prints



DSC_9827 wm

I’m waiting for the day Mgeni from Sansahash designs something I don’t love, (I don’t think it will ever come) and the new Nilah pattern is certainly not it! The curved hem that comes up at the sides, like a shirt dress is a favorite design feature, and the slight high-low makes it even better.

DSC_9837 wm

The bodice is lined. There are no bindings or facings. This is quick to sew. The sleeve options include sleeveless, short, 3/4, or long. I made both of my versions 3/4 sleeve, accidentally. I was planning on making  along sleeve version after my 3/4 sleeve one, but I was cutting late at night, while talking to my brother, and I grabbed the wrong sleeve pattern piece. I will just save my long sleeve version for some pretty sweater knit I want to use!

Sizes include 6mo-12. The pattern is on sale for $5.50 through next Thursday!

My first version is the floral double brushed poly. I LOVE this print so much, and don’t see too much of it sewn up. I bought it a while ago from Pretty Posh Prints. I love florals, but they are kind of ALL OVER right now, so I’m ready for new prints. I still love this one because I haven’t seen it too much 🙂 And I have more left over to sew something for me too!

DSC_9862 wmDSC_9881 wmDSC_9846 wmDSC_9888 wmDSC_9851 wm

The second version is cotton lycra on the bodice, and I used this amazing vertical stripe vintage polyester for the skirt. I’ve had this fabric for several years, I picked it up at a church garage sale for a quarter! It’s been waiting for the right project 🙂

DSC_9953 wmDSC_9962 wm

The church down the street has a sale every fall, and I walk to it every fall, because who misses church garage sales on their block?? The first year we moved back from South Dakota was the first year I went, I think, and there was tons of fabric, none of it priced. I think I had $3 cash, because I hadn’t known their sale was coming up. I started picking out some fabrics, and stopped to go ask how much it was, and they said it’s a quarter per cut. So, I was able to fill up a banker box full of fabric and paid $3! Haha! Some of the cuts were at least 2 yards each. I’m still sewing from some of those fabrics. I always have a harder time cutting into the vintage pieces because I know they can’t be replaced!

DSC_9979 wmDSC_9958 wmDSC_9955 wmDSC_9975 wmDSC_9965 wmDSC_9972 wm

I hope you’ll check out the Nilah pattern, and I know you’ll love it if you make it!


Fabric sources:

Floral DBP: Pretty Posh Prints

Cotton lycra: Stylish Fabric

Stripe polyester: vintage



Sweet Bow Dress

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DSC_9375 wm

This is another installment in the Summer of Woven from Patterns for Pirates! This one is an update to one of their older patterns, the Sweet Bow Dress. And the mega bow is everything!!! I made 2 versions. One dress length, and one maxi. There is also a top length included, and a small bow, or the mega bow. I did mega, OF course.

This pattern had a few fit issues tweaked, and I am so happy with the fit that they achieved. The blue dress is one of the earlier versions.

This blue version was fun to make because it was another piece of fabric I got from my friend that I shared about a few weeks ago. It’s fun to have fresh fabric in your stash, and I hope it’s fun for my friends to see their fabric having a new life!

DSC_9355 wmDSC_9383 wm

The maxi version was added towards the end of testing, and it is perfect for this style! I used georgette for my skirt, which my daughter loves. She wore this maxi dress to church the Sunday after I made it!

DSC_9452 wmDSC_9474 wm

The pattern will be on sale for the re-release for $7.50. You can find many more photos on larger and smaller sizes in the listing. You will love this! It is a quick sew too, even though I didn’t think it would be. It’s straightforward, and there are only TWO pages to print for all sizes!! #YES

DSC_9381 wmDSC_9492 wmDSC_9471 wmDSC_9480 wmDSC_9367 wm

This sweet dress will is a favorite in my house for sure!!

DSC_9487 wmDSC_9450 wmwm

Sweet Bow Dress

Fabric sources:

Blue cotton woven: friend’s stash

Gingham bow: vintage from a garage sale

Black floral bodice: woven from Hancock

Georgette: Hobby Lobby