Cat’s Cradle


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I have been following the Sewing Portfolios website since it began, and I am eager to share this post about it! The name is self-explanatory. You can create a portfolio of your sewing work, with a profile, photos of your projects, and lots of information about what you sew! There is a detailed form to fill out, and it is completely free! You can also be a business member if you have a fabric or pattern or some other sewing related business, and it is also free! The beauty comes in the opportunity to collaborate. Businesses can search for seamstresses to participate in the projects they are planning. Once you’re in the system, you can join the Facebook group for Sewing Portfolios members. A lot of opportunities are posted there also. That’s where I was able to apply to be a Sewing Portfolios ambassador, and feature this fabric on my blog! There are lots of features you should check out for yourself, but it has been very handy using my Sewing Portfolios link when applying for a tester call. I know all my information is in one place! I would encourage you to sign up if you haven’t. Who knows what opportunities will come from it!


I was sent some fabric from the new Cat’s Cradle line from Michael Miller. The choice of what to make was completely mine, and I will say I went through about 36249872635 options before I finalized my vision 🙂 #normal But I am in awe of this stunning outfit that is half due to the gorgeous patterns, and half due to the amazing fabric I was working with.


The fabric quality is top notch, and the prints are crisp and gorgeous. I love that the gold is metallic.


The top is the new Symi Blouse from Lil Luxe Collection in the white Starbrite print. This pattern is designed for apparel woven, with good drape, or knits. If you cut it out of woven, the front of the blouse will be cut on the bias so that the cowl neck drapes correctly. This fabric was probably not quite perfect for this style, but I am very happy with how it lays anyway. The racerback, and flutters equal all the heart eyes for me. And my daughter loves the knot in the front.

DSC_8843 wmDSC_8833 wm

The star of the show is this Cat’s Cradle print. I made the Gigi Skirt from Mingo & Grace. This pattern comes with a top, so it’s a fantastic deal! I cut the skirt the width of fabric to make it as full as possible, it was just a little more than the pattern called for, so it’s not much different than designed. And when my daughter put her hands in the pockets she said, “these are huge!” Well designed pockets 🙂 I made this skirt from 1 yard, not including the pockets, and had just a tiny scrap left. This is size 10, for reference.

DSC_8831 wmDSC_8838 wm

Making bows is one of my favorite quick projects, and I had a fresh pattern that I wanted to try. Duchess & Hare just shared a free pattern for fabric bows, and it is perfectly sweet! I made this (and the pockets on the skirt) from the navy Night Lights print. It coordinates perfectly with the outfit!

DSC_8839 wm

The results from all three patterns ended in professional, well-fitting garments, and I am happy to recommend all of them! These were all new to me patterns even though I had owned more than one of them for a little while 🙂

I hope you will log into Sewing Portfolios, and set up an account, or update your account with a few more projects. And also check out Michael Miller fabrics, and all of their new lines!

This was an extremely rewarding collaboration for me, and I am so excited to share it with all of you!

I’m also over on the Michael Miller Fabrics blog! Check out my interview and photos there!!

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