#118 Autumn Dress

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Sometimes, with all the crazy choices that are thrown at us in life, it’s nice to have something simple and easy. With no decisions to make. I think this Autumn Dress pattern from Thread Faction Studio is pretty perfect. You won’t get tons of options in this pattern, but they have nailed the style, and you will get an amazing dress each time you sew it. This is a knee length dress pattern, with a fairly slim skirt, fitted bodice, and elbow length sleeves.

I used a jersey for my first version, I think it has rayon in it, because it’s a little slinky. And my second version is the floral print, which is double brushed poly. Both fabrics worked really well for this pattern. Since the skirt is not super gathered a slightly thicker fabric shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The bodice is a single layer, bound at the neckline.

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This pattern calls for clear elastic to gather the top of the skirt. I have tried this method before, and it was THE MOST EPIC FAIL ever, in the world. Actually, that dress is still sitting in my to-finish pile because I couldn’t look at it for a long time after that, and a few other mishaps with it. But since I’m a good tester, I followed directions in the tutorial, and gathered with clear elastic, and it worked out SO well. I’m not sure if the directions were better, or if I went slower, or what, but after sewing these two dresses in this way, I wanted to use clear elastic to gather the next pattern I sewed. (It was also a test, and did not call for clear elastic to gather, so I didn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

If you prefer shorter or longer sleeves, you can use a sleeve pattern that you already know fits to lengthen or shorten it to your desired length. The skirt is even easier to lengthen or shorten.

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Thread Faction is offering a bonus free pattern to anyone who purchases this before Sunday (Aussie time, they’re ahead of us). You will get pattern #103 the High-Waisted Shorties, which would be perfect to wear underneath this dress, or on their own for some comfy lounge wear.

Anyway, I love this dress, and I am happy to recommend it as a quality pattern, that will give you great results!

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#118 Autumn Dress

Fabric sources:

Floral DBP: So Sew English

Black/natural polka dots: Girl Charlee




Cat’s Cradle


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I have been following the Sewing Portfolios website since it began, and I am eager to share this post about it! The name is self-explanatory. You can create a portfolio of your sewing work, with a profile, photos of your projects, and lots of information about what you sew! There is a detailed form to fill out, and it is completely free! You can also be a business member if you have a fabric or pattern or some other sewing related business, and it is also free! The beauty comes in the opportunity to collaborate. Businesses can search for seamstresses to participate in the projects they are planning. Once you’re in the system, you can join the Facebook group for Sewing Portfolios members. A lot of opportunities are posted there also. That’s where I was able to apply to be a Sewing Portfolios ambassador, and feature this fabric on my blog! There are lots of features you should check out for yourself, but it has been very handy using my Sewing Portfolios link when applying for a tester call. I know all my information is in one place! I would encourage you to sign up if you haven’t. Who knows what opportunities will come from it!


I was sent some fabric from the new Cat’s Cradle line from Michael Miller. The choice of what to make was completely mine, and I will say I went through about 36249872635 options before I finalized my vision ๐Ÿ™‚ #normal But I am in awe of this stunning outfit that is half due to the gorgeous patterns, and half due to the amazing fabric I was working with.


The fabric quality is top notch, and the prints are crisp and gorgeous. I love that the gold is metallic.


The top is the new Symi Blouse from Lil Luxe Collection in the white Starbrite print. This pattern is designed for apparel woven, with good drape, or knits. If you cut it out of woven, the front of the blouse will be cut on the bias so that the cowl neck drapes correctly. This fabric was probably not quite perfect for this style, but I am very happy with how it lays anyway. The racerback, and flutters equal all the heart eyes for me. And my daughter loves the knot in the front.

DSC_8843 wmDSC_8833 wm

The star of the show is this Cat’s Cradle print. I made the Gigi Skirt from Mingo & Grace. This pattern comes with a top, so it’s a fantastic deal! I cut the skirt the width of fabric to make it as full as possible, it was just a little more than the pattern called for, so it’s not much different than designed. And when my daughter put her hands in the pockets she said, “these are huge!” Well designed pockets ๐Ÿ™‚ I made this skirt from 1 yard, not including the pockets, and had just a tiny scrap left. This is size 10, for reference.

DSC_8831 wmDSC_8838 wm

Making bows is one of my favorite quick projects, and I had a fresh pattern that I wanted to try. Duchess & Hare just shared a free pattern for fabric bows, and it is perfectly sweet! I made this (and the pockets on the skirt) from the navy Night Lights print. It coordinates perfectly with the outfit!

DSC_8839 wm

The results from all three patterns ended in professional, well-fitting garments, and I am happy to recommend all of them! These were all new to me patterns even though I had owned more than one of them for a little while ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you will log into Sewing Portfolios, and set up an account, or update your account with a few more projects. And also check out Michael Miller fabrics, and all of their new lines!

This was an extremely rewarding collaboration for me, and I am so excited to share it with all of you!

I’m also over on the Michael Miller Fabrics blog! Check out my interview and photos there!!


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I made the Quinn pattern during testing last year, and it was one of my favorite makes. I ended up loving the style, but as sewing goes, there’s always something new to make, and even favorites get pushed down the list.

Made for Mermaids had a flash back Friday contest a couple of weeks ago to sew the Quinn pattern and share, and all you need to do is offer me a chance at free patterns to make something jump up to the top of my list. Lol! I didn’t win, but the dress I got out of it is worth so much more!

DSC_7543 wm

Story time: My friend messaged me and some other of her friends saying she was purging some of her, and her mom’s fabric, and to come look to see if we wanted any, or it was going to Goodwill shortly. I messaged her back the next day (Friday) saying I could come anytime next week if there was any left. She told me that her other friend had already planned to come pick up whatever was left on Monday, so if I want something, I had to come before then. SO, I left right then. Haha! We had a free afternoon, and she lives on my side of town so it wasn’t time consuming.

I warned the girls that they would not be picking fabric for themselves. Our local fabric store has a scrap bin for the kids, and so they are spoiled thinking they get scraps wherever we go. But when I was done looking, my daughter pulled out this tie dye fabric from a box, with begging in her eyes, and I decided I could get it to make her happy. I would have left this there if she hadn’t asked.

Story time part two: Friday nights are my sew nights. We host company for dinner, and then my husband entertains them (usually playing xbox or brewing beer) and I am left alone in glorious silence. Weekends are full with family time and church, and weekdays are full with kids and house responsibilities, so I make the most of my Friday nights.

DSC_7567 wm

This Quinn contest came up that Friday, and I had nothing else pressing to sew, so I cut out and finished most of it that night. The next morning, I threaded elastic, gathered and attached the skirt, and that was all finished before 8 that Saturday morning, which is also my favorite photo time, so we popped outside to snap these photos. My daughter chose the maxi version of this pattern, and she loves the dress so much. I love it so much because she chose the fabric, and the pattern options.

DSC_7541 wmDSC_7540 wm

Sewing feeds my creative soul. My girls still love wearing hand made. I love that it is mutually beneficial and enjoyable for all of us!

The Quinn pattern comes highly recommended by my daughter and me!

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Fabric sources:

Friend’s stash ๐Ÿ™‚




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This gorgeous dress pattern was featured in the One Thimble e-zine, issue 15, and it was on the cover!

I want to quickly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the One Thimble issues I have purchased, and am impressed at the quality, and substantialness of the articles, and tutorials included, on top of receiving around 10 full pdf patterns. The price is $25 AUD, which currently makes it quite a bit cheaper if you’re in the US, and even if you only want a handful of patterns in the issue, it’s still a great deal when you break it down to price per pattern!

Ok, so the reason I’m posting about this dress now, is the Issue 16 is almost here, and so the Josephine pattern has gone home to Bella Sunshine Designs! Melissa from BSD designed this dress for One Thimble, and it is now available for purchase individually, on her site!

This is a drop waist top or dress, with cap sleeves, and princess seaming on the bodice. The back is finished with a zipper. Three lengths are included, top length, vintage dress, and knee length dress. The inside is as beautiful as the outside with all seams enclosed, INCLUDING the cap sleeve seams, and the zipper! I made this in one afternoon in spite of the fact that it’s not a quick and dirty sew, and that included making decisions about fabric and trim. ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC_2909 wmDSC_2900 wm

It comes in sizes 6mo-12. I think this is a gorgeous style for so many ages. My daughters do not love wearing the woven things I make them all that much, so while I was smitten with this design, I was afraid I was doing a lot of work for nothing, but since I made this a few months ago, I can safely say it has been in frequent rotation, and when she first saw it, she gasped, and told me she loved it!

The best part is that it’s on sale right now for only $5.50!! I think that’s a great deal for a pattern of this quality!

If you love it, go pick it up, and sew a gorgeous dress this week!

DSC_2920 wmDSC_2875 wmDSC_2915 wmDSC_2894 wmDSC_2888 wmDSC_2879 wmDSC_2868 wmDSC_2885 wm


Fabric sources:

All mystery woven and trims from a hand-me-down stash

Nina+Mama Nina

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The new swing raglan is here from Made for Mermaids! this is a top, tunic, or high-low dress, and is so quick to sew, and easy to wear. The girls version is Nina, and the women’s version is the Mama Nina. I made a few for my girls, and only one for me, but it’s already been in heavy rotation. I may or may not have pulled it out of the laundry TWO times because I couldn’t wait until I washed it, TWO different times. Haha. And sorry if you saw me in person.

DSC_8406 wm

I made mine out of double brushed poly, my daughter’s pink one from single brushed poly, and her orange one says it’s 100% cotton, but there’s more drape, I think than 100% cotton would have. So it’s a bit of a mystery!

I did make one top for my daughter, but I haven’t taken photos of it yet. The rest of my sews were the high-low dress. I think it’s my favorite option! You can make it work for so many occasions, depending on your fabric, and styling choices, and you’ll feel like you’re wearing pajamas!

The dress version is a bit of a fabric hog. I got my dress out of a 2 yard cut, sleeves and neckband too, but I had to cut carefully. My daughter wears an 8 chest/12 length, and I got her dress out of a 1 yard cut, however, I had to cut the back in 2 pieces! That works fine for solids, or non-directional prints. I didn’t do that on my pattern, just for reference.

The girl’s and women’s Nina patterns are onside for $7 each, or you can get the limited time bundle of both patterns for $10! I highly encourage that option ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC_8617 wmDSC_8624 wmDSC_8639 wmDSC_8632 wmDSC_8635 wmDSC_8767 wmDSC_8763 (1) wmDSC_8758 wmDSC_8576 wmDSC_8579 wmDSC_8601 wm


Mama Nina

Bundle (best deal)

Fabric sources:

Floral DBP: Pretty Posh Prints

Pink brushed poly: So Sew English

Orange dots: LDG Textiles