Tara+ Mama Tara

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This new twist top is the awesomest!! I love the Tara and Mama Tara patterns from Made for Mermaids. This is a relaxed fit tee, with a FUN twist! The side (either one, you choose) will have a twist, and it is so fun to play with, with stripe prints, or solids.

I love that it has a relaxed fit. Not too baggy, but super comfortable. The sleeve options are fun too! There is a twist short sleeve included in the pattern, and you can check out the Made for Mermaids blog to find hacks on how to make your other sleeve lengths have that fun split and twist too 🙂 The other sleeve lengths include short, 3/4, or long.

DSC_7594 wm

The best part about this is how quick it is to sew. You can make this a fun summer top, with a light rayon spandex, and short twist sleeves, or a perfectly cozy winter sweater, using french terry, and adding cuffs to the sleeves and bottom hem (hack on the Made for Mermaids blog as well). Or just leave your french terry version raw at all the edges!

Get this while it’s on sale, and you can have new tops for you and the little ones you sew for by this weekend!

I made mine out of a solid black rayon spandex. I knew I would get the most use out of a solid color, since that’s my comfort zone, and I love that the side twist detail makes it more exciting than a plain tee.

DSC_7875 wmDSC_7894 wmDSC_7908 wm

My daughter’s is also rayon spandex, and she has the fun sleeve option on hers. Both of my fabrics came from a de-stash page, so I don’t know the original sources.

DSC_7586 wmDSC_7591 wmDSC_7583 wm

Don’t miss the best prices, and the Mama and me bundle for even more savings.

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Also, look at how much my girls love pictures. Hahahahahahaha! And my four year old made his debut as my photographer for these mommy and me pictures ❤ The purple version in these has the cuff hacks that will be on the M4M blog. You can find details, and more photos there.



Mama Tara

Bundle (best deal)

Fabric sources:

purple sweater knit: Wal-Mart



Tess Tulip Shorts

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I’m happy to be able to show off the new Tulip shorts from Bella Sunshine Designs! Their patterns are top notch, and I am not just saying that. Whenever I have a woven pattern from them, and I grade it between sizes to match my girls measurements, the pieces always, amazingly match up exactly when I’m sewing. Even with the possibility of my grading error, cutting the pattern out error, or fabric cutting error, it always matches up exactly, which is a beautiful thing, especially for wovens.

I know this will be a hit, because this style of short is so trendy right now! This pattern comes in sizes 6mo-12, and has short, or a longer inseam. This is the shorter version. There are optional inseam pockets as well. She also just released the Tess Tulip shorts for women, so you can twin with your mini me!!

These are on sale for release. And they sew up quickly. You can get crazy with your trims and piping, for some super fun shorts. But you will not want to miss the sale price, so you can get to sewing!!

DSC_6864 wmDSC_6890 wmDSC_6887 wmDSC_6869 wmDSC_6861 wm

Tess Tulip Shorts (girls)

Tess Tulip Shorts (women)

Fabric sources:

Orange floral quilter’s cotton: Hancock

Linen Loungers+Little Loungers

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These new woven pants are the latest patterns from Patterns for Pirates! The women’s version are the Linen Loungers, and there is a unisex version for children called the Little Loungers 🙂 I only made shorts versions of both of these patterns, though, because, HOT.

There are so many options, as usual, and you can also pick your favorite finishes, since they include the “quick and dirty” methods, and the more neat methods. Personally, I go for quick, because I just want to sew more more more!

This comes in short, bermuda, capri, and pant lengths. The shorts options include a cuffed hem, or a curved hem. There are 2 front pocket options, or leave them off. And a back patch pocket.

I love the comfort of these. They call for a fabric with some drape, but the shorts versions can be made with something more stable. The yoga waistband version whips up SO quickly, and then I also made one with an elastic waist, and they were pretty much just as quick! My daughters also got some shorts, I haven’t photographed all of them yet!

You can check out the listing to see photos of them on all kinds of amazing women! And they will be on sale during the release 🙂

DSC_7159 wm

My fun printed shorts are made from rayon challis from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I added 1 yard of this to my order sometime last fall, and it was sitting around waiting for the right project until now. This was a one yard wonder, because I carefully cut out these shorts, with just a tiny scrap of that yard to spare 🙂 These are the cuffed hem shorts, I left the cuff down, instead of tacking it up, because the fabric wouldn’t stay up very well, and to keep the inseam a little longer. I made a tiny change to the pocket installation. The pattern has you bind the edge of the pocket, but I just sewed it to the front shorts, turned it over and topstitched. Easy hack.

The black shirt here is a short sleeve Sweet Tee. I have a hard time nailing myself down, but it might be my favorite P4P top pattern ever. So fast, and I feel like it’s so flattering and comfortable.

DSC_7350 wmDSC_7303 wmDSC_7128-2 wm

The green shorts are an upcycle from another homemade garment handed down to me from a friend, so I really have no clue what the fabric content is. It is a lightweight woven, and I was afraid it might even be too sheer for these, but it’s completely fine on.

DSC_7066 (1) wmDSC_6837 wmDSC_7015 wmDSC_6843 wmDSC_6954 wmDSC_7033 wmDSC_6984 wmDSC_6936 wmDSC_6839 wm

These can be a year round staple! I am personally excited to have some comfy printed shorts, and my daughter is excited to match with mommy!

Linen Loungers

Little Loungers

Lounger Bundle (best deal)


Fabric sources:

Yoga waistband cotton lycra: Needle Nook Fabrics

Striped drawstring: Club jersey from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Green shorts: mystery woven

Floral rayon challis: Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Black sweater knit (Sweet Tee): Wal-Mart

Everyday Elegance

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The Everyday Elegance top was one of the first patterns I knew about from Patterns for Pirates. It is a classic blouse pattern, and I was never excited to try it out, because…woven. Hahaha! I love wearing woven, I just don’t love sewing apparel woven because of the extra steps it takes. However, every time I make something out of woven, I wonder why I was so annoyed by it, because it actually doesn’t take that long, nor is it hard! And then it turns out amazing like this! I am crushing hard on this Everyday Elegance  dress I made. This is my favorite color to wear, and this rayon fabric flows beautifully. I wore it the next Sunday to church, and since I’m still figuring out the ropes of fitting and sewing for myself, I don’t always wear my makes if I’m not completely confident in them. But I love this so much.

This new version has been updated to include layers, plus sizing, and a few more options. There are lots of hacks posted on the P4P blog to take your pattern even farther.

And best of all, it’s on sale for the re-release. This is kicking off the summer of woven at Patterns for Pirates, and it’s a great beginning! You will love this so much.

DSC_5543 wmDSC_5464 wmDSC_5429 wmDSC_5498 wmDSC_5494 wmDSC_5514 wm

Everyday Elegance