This is the newest pattern from Love Notions. It’s the Whistler Pull-Over and Hoodie. Now, i wasn’t expecting much from this pattern, it’s a cute top, a little different style than a lot of other patterns that are out there…but when I made it and tried it on, I discovered that this is the GREATEST HOODIE EVER!!!! Let me share that my favorite things to wear around the house in the winter are hoodies and sweat shirts. I want to stay cozy and warm, and I have several favorites. But since I’m still nursing my baby, they’re really bulky to pull up and nurse in, plus, then my back is cold which is not warm and cozy!! I also really don’t prefer my clothes to look like nursing tops. Just a personal preference. So this hoodie, that doesn’t look like nursing clothes, plus is warm, plus has a shawl collar which makes it incredibly easy to nurse in has made my winter warmer and happier. All from a pdf pattern. Haha!

I made this out of fleece. And I’ve worn it many days since I made it. That’s the true test, and Whistler passes with flying colors!

The details about this pattern are:

-Sizes XS-XXXL

-Shawl collar or hoodie

-In-seam pockets

-Shirt length-banded, hemmed, or curved hem, or tunic length

-maternity and nursing friendly!!!!!!!

I can safely recommend Love Notions Patterns for being well drafted, and well-fitting. Tami pays attention to all the little details, and her tests are thorough. I love this pattern, and I think it will be a popular top! Go get it while it’s on sale. The release price will be better than the Black Friday price πŸ˜‰

I have to add the disclaimer that I sewed this version up late at night, and messed up on the directions for the collar, it’s not supposed to be caught in the seam on the side, but instead be open, and then have buttons or snaps. I actually found this was a happy mistake for me, but I want to share that this is not how it was designed πŸ™‚



Fabric sources:

Fleece: Joann Fabrics

(Links contained in this post are affiliate links)


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