Sew, What Do I Wear?

Sewwwwww, what do I wear? This is the question on all of our minds this time of year… Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates have teamed up to bring you some inspiration for all those holiday events you need to find something perfect to wear! Family pictures, family gatherings, work parties, etc…


I knew I wanted to make a Mama Mya in dress length since I’ve been seeing lots of other ladies make versions I love This is a nice light poly knit from Joann’s and it’s the perfect fabric for this dress, not too heavy to pull, but not too light to cling everywhere 🙂 I graded out a size in the waist and hips for a more tunic-y look, and so there would be lots of room for Thanksgiving food and leftovers 😉

I remember when I was a kid, hearing my mom tell us the “rules” for what to wear when you have photos made. You want the faces to be the easiest thing for people to see, and so you would want to make sure not to wear something too crazy in print or color, and you could even try to keep extra skin covered, so wear long sleeves, etc… now I wish I had some old family photos to share because I think she did a great job putting together our outfits! But then it went a little extreme and it was popular to take pictures with everyone in black shirts and khakis (we even have a family photo like this 🙂 ) Which makes it easy to see everyone, but those photos are so boring for me, and often look a little flat. I love so many colors and patterns that I knew I would never dress my family all in the same color for photos!

So here’s my Mama Mya, styled for casual family photos! To plan what everyone will wear, I like to make sure there’s a few different colors and a few different textures and a few subtle patterns, to add visual interest, and it’s fun to be able to show everyone’s personality a little too!


Then I threw on some fleece lined peg legs, and black boots, and changed my scarf to a necklace to change my outfit. This is still casual, but much warmer, and a little dressier! This grey dress is going to be a workhorse in my wardrobe!


Any way you style it, this Mama Mya is super comfortable, and flattering! These would be perfect to wear for all those family gatherings you have coming up, you will love all the options this pattern gives you!

Just for fun, here’s one of our Fall family photos we had done. I am not a planner, so I was pulling everything together last minute, and did not take time to make my outfit. But I’m proud of them, so I want to share.

(Miss Emily Photography)

Check out the rest of the bloggers giving you some amazing looks made out of Patterns for Pirates and Made for Mermaids patterns!!


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