Jolly Roger Raglan+Add-on Pack


It’s Raglan Week at Patterns for Pirates!!

Also, you could say I’m into the Jolly Roger Raglan.

I made a few during testing, and have a few more planned and cut out. I’m equally as excited to make these for my girls and my boys, and with all the options, plus different fabric choices, the looks you can get are almost unlimited!

Here’s the details:

Jolly Roger Raglan:

-Sizes 3m-14

-Short, 3/4, or long cuffed sleeves

-Hemmed, banded or curved bottom

Add-on Pack:


-Crossover hood

-Funnel neck

-Inseam pockets

-Kangaroo pocket

-Thumbhole cuffs

-Ruffle hem

-Cowl neck

The first ones I’ll share are just made from the raglan pattern, not using any add-ons. Size 4, and size 7 width/10 length. The oatmeal French Terry is from Sincerely Rylee, the black stripe sleeves are from LDG Showroom. The floral is a rayon blend from Girl Charlee. (Link to all the shops at the end of the post) I hope you like a lot of pictures, because there’s a bunch. 🙂


Next up is the Funnel collar with inseam pockets! This is also a size 7 width, 10 length in French Terry from Girl Charlee. I love this look, so sporty, and comfy! It was raining all day the day we took these pictures, so there’s a few rogue raindrops on her shirt 🙂


The next two are size 6, both from…wait for it… … …French Terry, also. Ha! I think I love it a little 🙂 The mint green is from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, and the Floral is from So Sew English. The mint hoodie has the traditional hood, thumb hole cuffs, and kangaroo pocket. I turned the pocket edges to the wrong side to show the fun texture on the back of the fabric! For this version, I actually cut it on the hem cut line instead of the banded cut line to make it a little longer. Perfect for wearing with leggings, and maybe it will fit her for two years.

The floral version has the cowl neck, and ruffle hem. SO CUTE!


Did you make it all the way to the end? Phew! I’m so excited about this pattern. I have some coming up for my boys next! Hoodies, and shirts in our college basketball team colors!

Don’t forget these are on sale this week, along with the women’s raglans and add-on pack!! Check out the Patterns for Pirates facebook group to play along with Raglan Week!

Jolly Roger Raglan

Add-on Pack

Jolly Roger Raglan and Add-on Pack bundle

I’ll link all the fabric shops here so you can check them out!

Sincerely Rylee

LDG Showroom

Girl Charlee

Raspberry Creek Fabric

So Sew English

Most of these shops also have a facebook page that gives you all the details you need on how to order, when the shop is stocked, and sometimes discount codes 😉 Look them up too!!

(Links contained in this post may be affiliate links)

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