Charlotte Dress & Top


Here I am again, on the last day of a pattern’s release sale, finally blogging about it! 🙂 I just love this pattern though! This is the Charlotte Dress & Top from Bella Sunshine Designs. Once again, this is an impeccably put together pattern. The final product is fun and stunning!

This is for woven fabric, and comes in sizes 6m-12y. You can make a top or dress, or add length even, to make a maxi dress! I used snaps on the back of mine, but you can also use buttons.

This light purple fabric came from a scrap from that box that was passed on to me. It was a little flimsy, but I love the color. And the skirt is cut from one of my favorite vintage sheets.

I paired this with the Rose Bubble shorts, also from Bella Sunshine Designs. I think it’s the perfect pairing for this! The Charlotte Pattern is a whopping half off for release, so make sure you don’t miss the sale pricing!! It’s only $5. But that sale ends today, July 25th!

Here’s some more pictures:


Charlotte Dress & Top

Rose Bubble Shorts

Fabric sources:

Light purple: stash

Floral vintage sheet: stash

Black micro dot 10o% cotton: Wal-Mart

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